Windows 10 setup boot loader is stucking

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I am trying to install Windows 10 on my laptop but, despite of Win 7 or Win 8.1 that are running fine, it stucks in the moment the setup is booting and after few seconds when the SSD is running it stops doing anything. This is happening if I'm trying the Win 7/8.1 upgrade to Win 10 or if I'm running the setup of a Win 10 x64 Enterprise or Pro on DVD (used to install Win10 successfully on a PC).

That's all I get after the upgrade reboot or clean setup installation.  

Both previous mentioned OS-es run perfect on my laptop.

Out of the standard configuration I'm using a Kingston V300 480GB SSD and a 4GB RAM extension but this doesn't change the situation cause I replaced that additional RAM memory and used the original laptop's HDD and RAM but I got no improvements.
Any advice from here doesn't seems to add any improvement.

Is it something else that I can do, out of buying other laptop or hoping that someday Microsoft will provide a better OS setup boot loader?

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