Windows 10 Creators Edition Update - Still waiting, Here's how to get it now

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The Spring Creators Update edition (version 1703) was released to the public on April 11th of 2017. But if you haven't received the update and are still waiting ... I’ll show you an easy way to install the update now without a lengthily wait before it is your turn (Microsoft will not make the update to everyone at the same time).

So I'll show you how to get Windows Update to do its job now  and download and install the Creators Update on April 5th or anytime thereafter.

Note: To get the Fall Creators Update (version 1709) read: Windows 10 - Fall Creators Update - How to get it now


Code named "Redstone 2" (Windows Insider builds 14901 and later) will officially become the "Windows 10 Creators Update"

Announced public release date April 11th of 2017 (Version number = 1703 Build 15063.13)

Build 15058 (Winver shows no expiration date) could be a precursor to the “Creators Update” release expected in late March or early April. 


If you want a peek at some of the new features that have been incorporated in the Windows Insider's builds that will lead up to the Creators update then click on the "What's new" links listed below. Keep in mind these Insider builds are in essence beta versions and not every feature mentioned for a specific build may not be incorporated or may be modified in the final release to the public.

Build            Release

number       date            

14901           08/11/16            What's new

14905           08/17/16            What's new

14915           08/31/16            What's new

14931           09/21/16            What's new

14936           09/28/16            What's new

14942           10/07/16            What's new

14946           10/13/16            What's new

14951           10/19/16            What's new

14955           10/25/16            What's new

14959           11/03/16            What's new

14965           11/09/16            What's new

14971           11/17/16            What's new

14986           12/07/16            What's new

15002           01/09/17            What's new

15007           01/12/17            What's new

15014           01/19/17            What's new

15019           01/27/17            What's new

15025           02/01/17            What's new

15031           02/08/17            What's new

15042           02/24/17            What’s new

15048           03/03/17            What’s new

15055           03/10/17            What’s new

15058     No expiration date  What’s new   (Winver in the screen shot below shows no expiration date !)

15060           03/16/17            Expiration date: 05/15/17     What’s new

15061           03/17/17            Expiration date: 05/15/17     What’s new

15063           03/20/17            Winver shows no expiration date (see note #6)         What’s new

15060           03/16/17            05/01/17                  05/15/17                 05/29/17     What’s new

15061           03/17/17            05/01/17                  05/15/17                 05/29/17     What’s new

15063           03/20/17            Winver shows no expiration date (see note #6)         What’s new

Two important things to do before you start the update when it becomes available:

A) Create an image backup of your current version of Windows 10. Should the update fail you can restore the image to your disk drive and try again.

B) Disable any third party Anti-Virus software you may have installed!

How to install the update:

1) Go to Windows Update, by opening the start menu, click on ‘Settings’ / Updates & security or in the ‘Search box’ type: update' and open ‘Check for Updates’. This will prep your system with any last minute minor updates before you install the Creators Update.

Note: Laptop users should not do this while running on battery power only.

2) Next it should open a page on your default browser. To continue with the upgrade click on the link as shown below.

3) Click on the "Update now" button.

4) Click on the "Save as" button and save the file to your Downloads folder.

5) You can choose to run the file immediately or when you are ready double click on the file in your Downloads folder to start the update process.

6) If you see the message displayed below it means the upgrade is not yet available in your time zone. Otherwise skip to step #7.

7) If you see the message shown below the Creators Update is starting.

8) Your ready to upgrade, click on the Update now" button located in the lower left corner.

9) Your PC meets the requirements for the Creators Update, click the "Next" button to continue.

10) The update is downloading.

11) The update is installing.

12) To complete the update a "Restart" is required.

13) After the restart completes, you will prompted check and change (if necessary) your privacy settings. You can also choose your default apps (Let me choose my default apps / remove the check mark for an apps you don't want). Windows will finalize your setting and then you will see the Lock / Login screens.

14) after you login Windows will check and install any updates. Then you will see the "Thank you for updating ...." windows.

15) Exit the Thank you message window. That's it, your done installing the Creators Update, enjoy.

You also have the option to use Windows 10 Creators Update ISO:

The Creators Update is also available using the Media Creation Tool.

Additional Information:

Complete list of Windows Insider build numbers, what happens when a build reaches its expiration date and Creators Update release date


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In the "Search" box (next to the Start icon enter:  winver  and tap the Enter key.

What version number do you see displayed in the Window that is displayed?

Never be afraid to ask. This forum has some of the best people in the world available to help.
I checked this window and I did not get this option. I tried twice but its not reflecting. Please suggest.

Your Dell is on the approved list:

Do you see this (as shown below) when you run Windows Update manually (if so then see the instructions posted a the beginning of the article.

Never be afraid to ask. This forum has some of the best people in the world available to help.
I am using Dell XPS 13 (9350) and I have not received an update of Window's Creator's Version. Request you to please help me with that.

Creators Update just got pushed to my system today. Unfortunately, my system is now bricked!

I had been using a dual-boot configuration with Win10 on one partition and Linux Mint 18 on another. After Win10 Creators Update started installing, and then attempted to reboot for the first time, it must have overwritten data on my Linux (primary) boot partition because now neither OS boots.

Now I know what I'll be doing this weekend - reinstalling my OSes from scratch.

Thanks Microsoft!

I don't, but it would install them. It's the automated installation that's disabled.

Windows does still dog you with Updates are available dialogues but you simply go to the download page then navigate away.

Here's a screen shot of the options, it basically automatically edits the registry according to which option you click. There's also an option to return the registry to standard.

It was written by a professional programmer within minutes of the Creator Issue rearing it's head.

Interestingly enough, I did try re-installing the updates this morning. Now the programs work but I had a blue screen with a memory cannot be read at XX address message.

Why can't MS simply get this right?

What happens when you click on the 'Download' button?

Never be afraid to ask. This forum has some of the best people in the world available to help.

Is this fixed yet MS?

My updates are becoming rather queued over the page now.

Try restarting your laptop several times in case t fixes itself.

If that fails, roll back to last known good good configuration at startup by pressing f8 repeatedly until the Windows Boot menu appear.

If you can then get Windows to boot, I suggest you perform a full roll-back.

There are nothing shown after I restarted my laptop. Any suggestions?

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