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I am disgusted with Windows 10 trying to automatically download.   I did not ask for it.  It got installed accidentally, and I had to remove it and reinstall Windows 7.  Now a couple days later a window opens on my computer with only two choices: download it now or schedule a time in the next four days to download.  I haven't decided if I want it or not.  I am annoyed enough to give up on Windows altogether.   Windows doesn't own my computer. I do.   Any suggestions on what I could do to replace Windows? 

By default, you should be prompted to accept an End User License Agreement before the upgrade is initiated. Here is how that works.

After the upgrade is downloaded, the user should be notified Windows 10 is ready to be installed. If you decide to start the installation, click OK, let's continue

This is another part where you will be asked to start the upgrade now or schedule when you would like to install it. Click Start the upgrade now button. If you choose schedule, it will assume you want to install it and you might forget. This is what I believe, might be giving users the impression of an automatic upgrade.

Here is the crucial part you need to choose carefully. Simply click 'Decline', then click OK, this will tell Get Windows 10, not to install Windows 10 on your computer.

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This does not solve my problem because this is not what I had on my computer.  The first window with the "let's get started" button was not there.  Only the second screen with two choices: do it now or do it in the next four days was there.  I do not want Windows 10 now, but I might at some point in the future.  There was no way to say not now, but ask me again in thirty days. 

I know if you decline the terms and conditions the process will stop.  A few days ago I had another attempt by Microsoft  to install Windows 10.   I was walking by my computer late at night and noticed a message on the screen saying Windows is installing updates.  Since I have the computer set for automatic upgrades I left it alone and went to bed.  The next day there was a window on the screen similar to the the third one above asking me to accept the terms and conditions so it could complete installations of Windows 10.   I was able to stop it only by declining to accept the terms and and conditions.  Then I had to wait while Windows 7 was reinstalled and any junk from Windows 10 was removed.  I have temporarily stopped the forced upgrades (I think) by changing my settings from automatic updates to never update.  I don't like this because I want the Windows 7 updates, but I deeply resent the attempt to force me onto Windows 10. 

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