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I have an old dell inspiron 1520 that I'm been using quite happily with the latest build of win 10 pro 32 bit version 1607. Everything works great. 

I get the Creators Update iso using the MCT program. The update goes fine but this is where the issues start. First off I can't detect my wifi connection nor any other neighbouring ones. I have an Intel 4965agn wifi card and using driver version with the power management option turned off. I have had absolutely no issue using this hardware/driver combo with all previous versions of win10. Device manager tells me that the card is working properly.

The next issue is windows is stuck when I try to restart, the screen message is states  "restarting" with the moving busy ring below it. Only way to stop it is to do a hard shutdown. I've tried disabling fast start up with no difference.

Tried the update on two occasions now (had restored back to 1607 from a backup image then retried a second time). Something is not right with this update and my laptop so I've gone back to ver 1607 where everything works.

Anyone have any ideas on what the problem could be or do I have to hope that MS finds a fix for me? Also can I stop Windows Update from trying to install this update next week?

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Travis [MSFT] replied on

Hello.  I am an Engineer in the Windows Networking team.  I can confirm that there is a bug in the Creators Update that affects the compatibility with the Broadcom 440x driver.  We are working on resolving this until it is resolved.  We are looking at putting a upgrade block in place as erpmanila3w suggested.

Thank you for reporting this!  I will keep this thread posted if there are any updates.  Meanwhile following the steps mentioned in this thread will work around the issue (if you can call disabling Ethernet a valid workaround) until we have a real fix available.

If you have any questions please let me know.

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