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Windows 10 video driver problems

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Well my PC was upgraded to windows 10 when i was gone by my sister as a prank and sense i can't downgrade it "Already tried so many methods" i realized my video card does not work anymore. I was going to play a game when it crashed saying i had bad video card drivers.

I did some looking on my PC to find that my Video Card was not showing up. I am stuck with this "Microsoft basic Display Adapter". Now i did not ever take to time to look what video card i had before but i do know it was a Nvidia brand. 

I then went to device explorer to see if it was there but all i saw was this "Microsoft basic Display adapter".

This is really making me mad as now i cant use my programs and i can't use my games. I want to grab a hammer and bust the thing.

Can someone please tell me how to get my video card to start working on windows 10. That would be great.

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The Windows 10 isn't even done yet, what you have a test version meant to find all the problems and bugs.

If it hasn't been 30 days, you can remove the update and go back to whatever you had before.  Just hold down shift while you click Restart option go to troubleshoot, and then click "roll back" to your old version.

Anyway if you want to fix your video card and keep the Windows 10 test build, you can go to your computer company's website (whatever company built your computer) and download your correct video driver from them. Then it will work fine.
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SidneySussex replied on

YES, Microsoft 10 video drivers are a MESS, a DISASTER and  VOMIT INDUCING.

This is sooooo annoying and a giant waste of my time. It is hurting my business.

I am going to see whether the suggestion of Shawn 'Cmdr Keene[MVP] to get

back to the previous operating system works.

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