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Windows 10 auto reservation/download/install question

Nameless33 asked on

If I reserve my Windows 10 copy, I understand that Windows 10 will be downloaded to my computer automatically once it's ready. My question is if Windows will then constantly ask me to install Windows 10 once it is downloaded. I would like to keep my current OS for the time being and only upgrade when I am satisfied that the new OS works efficiently, so in the meantime I would prefer that Windows not constantly bug me to install Windows 10, or, even worse, automatically install Windows 10 for me at a random time.

So to summarize, my questions are:

-If I reserve and download Windows 10, will Windows auto-install and/or constantly remind me to install Windows 10? Or will it work like normal installation files and only install itself when I execute the installation file on my computer?

-If Windows will auto-install and/or constantly remind me to install Windows 10, will it be possible to permanently disable the auto-install/reminders until a time where I choose to install Windows 10 myself?


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Anish A Kumar replied on

Hi William,

The following links might be helpful.

Hope this helps.   

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Nameless33 replied on


I have read the linked posts prior to asking this question, but I would still like to confirm my doubts because my experience with Windows updates has not been very pleasant in the past. For example, the regularly scheduled Windows updates would continuously prompt me to restart my computer so that the changes could take effect, and there is no way to permanently disable this reminder, only postpone it. The maximum timing for the postponement is only a couple of hours long, after which time it will prompt me to restart again, and if I fail to refresh the postpone by the allotted time Windows will forcibly restart my computer.

This is extremely annoying behavior to say the least, and I would very much prefer that the Windows 10 download and installation will not act the same way, hence why I started this thread to get further information that I cannot find in the various FAQs.

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