Is microsoft is going to provide .iso for windows 10 free update? If yes then how we can download the .iso ?

I always like a fresh install of windows instead of upgrading from a old windows. i think lots of people here are want the same. But Microsoft have not confirm this yet. 

Any confirmation on chance of getting a .iso of windows 10 would be great from Microsoft.


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Will ISO media be provided for the final release?

Yes, you will be able to download ISO media for Windows 10 RTM.

Please note, you might have to download the appropriate edition of Windows 10 for the version/edition of Windows you are upgrading. If you upgrade to the wrong edition, ie. Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 10 Pro, you will have to purchase a license for Windows 10 Pro or rollback to Windows 7 Home Premium and upgrade to Windows 10 Home.

What are the editions of Windows 10 available?

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does that means microsoft will also send keys? i have the freeupgrade thingy.. but i will feel better if i can install from zero. (better control, less defrag, no garbage and orphans from windows 8.1)

uh.. none
The Key itself will be tied into the Windows Store, just make sure you're using a Microsoft Account. :) It means that you don't have to put in a key to install windows, and when you use your Microsoft Account, it will get the key from the windows store.

So basically this will be like steam?

if my pc fries, i can install win10 on a new drive, log into my MS account and it will use that to activate the win10 install?

I am glad to know there will be an ISO available. But it sounds like you get the "key" for your reserved copy of Windows 10 by downloading via your account tied to the Windows Store (for each machine.)

The problem I want to avoid is the download for every machine upgrading. There are 4 machines here - I will slam Time Warner for 12 GB's in one day. I want to avoid that at all costs.

What would be best is getting the key from the Windows Store before the download (then cancel the download) and use an ISO to upgrade.

Hopefully there will be some "Windows 10" Adviser Program for a compatible check to see if your drivers will fly before you install..??..

I think it will be like the WMC update to Win 8.1.

I obtained the free update, with a key, and installed it. 

Did a re-install of 8.0 then upgrade to 8.1 via the store some time later.

Tried to use the WMC key, and it came back as invalid.

So with the Win 10 update to do a re-install you will need to do it within the time frame of 1 year or MS will prune your wallet after giving you a free taste of Win 10.

It's the way of the software world now - they all want money annually to maintain their yachts.  I bought a QuickBooks stand-alone a year ago, now they want annual maintenance of a huge amount.  GRRRRRR!!!

looks like not the case

check this post