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Displeased with Forced Updates in Windows 10 Home

Losaru started on

While researching about Windows 10, I read on this very website that Windows 10 Home users will not have an option to turn off automatic updates. I find this very frustrating for a few reasons:

  •     Like with any version of Windows, not all updates are the same. Some can end up ruining features and come with errors. What if a user hears about a certain update and wants to avoid it and wait for a newer update? You cannot gaurentee me that all updates for Windows 10 will be perfect. I understand that things can be rolled back, but avoiding bad updates would be beneficial as well.

  • Having to pay extra for the priviledge of configuring what should be a standard option seems very shady to me. That would like if we had to pay extra for the return of the start menu. Personally, this does not sit well with me.

  • In the same vein as for paying extra, not having this feature also seems prejudice in the way that it insults users that know how to use our control panel and configure Windows. I am not the most tech-savvy person, but I do know how to use the control panel and turn features on and off.

For these reasons, and other factors, I am considering not using the free upgrade as my version will most likely update to Windows 10 Home. When this option is available to home users, and I have considered the other pros and cons I may consider it then if I am still in the available time frame.

This thread is more for sharing my opinions on this feature, or should I say, lack there of.

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