Activate Windows hides a Ransomware !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello =)

No bad intentions, I had Activate Windows bug, I did virus scan nothing (external scans founds nothing), I bought new Windows 10 Home to do double boot with Linux, I started deleting my Download files, and said no to one to check what it was, didn't find it but: Ransomware !!!

So yes unfortunately there is somewhere a clock or perhaps it doesn't work well, but all those who got Activate Windows might have a Ransomware inside. And must install protect from Ransom free or paid tools. For me it did wake up because I tickled it too much.

I tried to contact Windows, with my cell phone not linked with my line, but it did put noise in the conversation for me not to tell Windows about it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :/

Here are my open subjects, think what you want, I am flood people.

Don't click on my .zip as it is DANGER, parts of my Ransomware inside my computer !!!!!!!

So do you think if I don't double boot and I install Linux only, I will be safe or not at all ? Or is it in my hardware ? Anyway surely some are somewhere in my personal files and in OneDrive.

How can I put my personal files safe and make OneDrive safe, as it could contain it.

One of the suspects was ReImageRepair.exe but truth is could be anything, as it came from a file with a name I had put and that I didn't use $mages a imprimer.docx that I did not screen picture because I didn't thought it was a virus or ransomware. I remember seing it once in my computer. They use file names you created. And then it dissapeared. And now recycly bin still has 375 items and what is left of the Ransomware cannot be deleted by Windows recycle bin ?

So please help me =) ????? What to do ?  (OK, the happy face is weird, but when I am stressed or too sad, my emotions becomes anything, so I smile instead of crying.)

Who to call ? Where to go ?

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