No settings or control panel items in search.

Thorbjørn Skjetne asked on

When i try to search for something that i know is in either the settings screen or the controlpanel i get no hits.

If i go to the settings screen and try to search in the search bar there, i get no hits.

I have tried to run SFC /Scannow and tried to rebuild the search index without any results.

This is on a fresh install of windows 10 (Updated, then ran the reset option.)

Some screenshots for clarity:

Could there be some strange setting that is hidden that makes it so that search omits any entries in the settings screen?

It feels as if settings and control panel are completely omitted in search results...

Please help! :(

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Updates Bite replied on

Point number 4, near end of article worked for me. Include the folder mentioned in Search Index.


Now finds all apps, msc control panel programs.

Credit goes to another guy's blog , not windowsclub.

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