Community feedback for MS purposes on Cortana, AI and audio driver issues with microphones

I just wanted to make a few observations on Cortana and AI in Windows 10, as well as some issues I have noticed with various microphone drivers and acoustic reverb issues on two different laptops I own. Then I hope the community will also contribute, allowing Microsoft to make improvements.

First a note on acoustic reverb feedback issues with both internal and external microphones on both a Dell Inspiron and a Toshiba Satellite laptops. The problem arises if you are seeking true AI involvement with Windows 10 OS use by checking the box in MS sound microphone properties marked "listen" in which case I have found the Cortana and/or the OS does actively "listen" to music you are playing and speech you make when using Windows 10 Home. The situation is the same as it was with several previous Windows 10 builds, including Windows 10 business enterprise edition, which I had used on a trial basis. There are several keys to avoiding the acoustic reverb issue when "listen" is checked. 1.) Usually there will be settings both in the sound driver software and in the Windows OS recording properties. They must match. You need to have the sound "quality" such as DVD quality and also the FREQUENCY set the same in both places. This minimizes the reverb. I had the motherboard of a Dell Inspiron absolutely destroyed by this reverb so it is a true, real issue. The problem is exacerbated when you run Speech Recognition software on Windows startup. That brings me to the whole issue of artificial intelligence and Windows 10, whether it is a general situation with the intelligence of the Cloud, the OS or simply Cortana I cannot quite tell, but I CAN say that when Speech Recognition is trained and the "listen" box is checked, the AI in each deployment of Windows 10 I have had GROWS quickly to the point where as long as the Speech Recognition runs at startup and the "listen" box is checked, THE MACHINE CAN CONTROL ITSELF. I spoke of this with links in my article on Free Music57 + politics, "

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I hope this might help the community into a rousing and helpful discussion of Cortana and also the general Windows 10 features of artificial intelligence. Paul Evans *** Email address is removed for privacy *** Thanx


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