Toshiba L775 Laptop FN key keyboard issue after Win10 upgrade and Windows Updates Applied

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I have just upgraded Win10 Pro from a clean install of Win8.1 Pro. I was really happy with everything right up until Windows Update ran and installed a Toshiba specific update which remapped some of the most useful key functions on the keyboard.

Process of elimination leads me to believe that the Toshiba Hotkey Driver update installed by Windows Update breaks certain key mappings. Unfortunately it is not possible to uninstall the update. The only option is to disable the four relevant entries in Device Manager > Human Interface Devices but it doesn't fix the keyboard mapping issues. If you Uninstall using Device Manager the entries reinstall after a reboot.

Known Incorrect Key Behaviour

Tab Key = Have to press FN+TAB to actually tab across
Space Key = Have to press FN+SPACE to insert a space

Number 1 key above letter keys (not numpad) = Have to press FN+1 to type number 1 numeral

Number 2 key above letter keys (not numpad) = Have to press FN+2 to type number 2 numeral

Number 3 key above letter keys (not numpad) = Have to press FN+3 to type number 3 numeral

Number 4 key above letter keys (not numpad) = Have to press FN+4 to type number 4 numeral

To insert a ! or " or £ or $ then you have to press FN+SHIFT+required key.

Files listed are:



It appears users have lost the ability to "Hide" an unwanted update otherwise I would do yet another install and block the Toshiba update.

This laptop is not on the Toshiba authorised list of laptops compatible with Win10 however everything works perfectly with out this update.

As a side note there is no BIOS setting to change FN Key functionality and there is no key combination e.g. FN+F11 or FN+NumLock to toggle the functionality. Basically the FN key is ON  by default when it should be off!

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