Realtek LAN driver preventing Windows 10 upgrade

I will preface this discussion with the fact that I am a novice that has learned about the inner workings of computers by messing mine up so many times I couldn't help but learn how to fix them. Now I keep a fully cloned SSD available (cloned immediately before any attempt to destroy my OS) as a solid, complete, easy to switch-out go-to in event I do irreversible damage. I am also in Afghanistan and have no room for completely destroying my OS. Resources here can be extremely limited.

During my recent Windows 10 upgrade, the process would hang up at 32%. I noticed many users had this same issue.

I was upgrading from Windows 7 Ultimate. My wireless LAN network adapter card is Realtek RTL8188CE. Associated Realtek driver name is Realtek PCIE NDIS.

I would receive "SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED (rtwlane_13.sys)" error message. My system would attempt update restoration and revert back to my original Windows 7 Ultimate installation. After several days of research and attempting many online suggestions I finally dug into my drivers to try to find out what rtwlane_13.sys might be.

It appears Windows 7 Ultimate driver for Realtek RTL8188CE Wireless LAN network adapter card is rtwlane.sys. Windows 10 driver for Realtek RTL8188CE Wireless LAN network adapter card appears to be rtwlane_13.sys. I found this by comparing my wife's successful upgrade driver files (specifically rtwlane.sys and rtwlane_13.sys) to mine. My system did not have rtwlane_13.sys.

My conclusion is that Windows 10 could not make it past rtwlane.sys to complete the upgrade. I went into Device Manager and UNINSTALLED any and every Realtek driver (to include Realtek audio related drivers and Realtek network adapter drivers). My upgrade finished successfully (after at least a dozen attempts of a ten day period). I will also mention I had utilized Realtek's online driver upgrade support (installed Catalyst) to no avail. and I had not uninstalled that software when I removed all the Realtek drivers in Device Manager. My theory is with Realtek drivers uninstalled the Windows 10 upgrade was able to make it past rtwlane.sys and update to rtwlane_13.sys.

After reading numerous blogs concerning Realtek deficiencies, I would also conclude this to be true with a large number of similar Realtek network adapter cards.

If you are having issues completing your upgrade, I would recommend investigating C:\Windows\System32\Drivers to see if rtwlane_13.sys is one of your drivers. If not this may be a likely culprit. My system now has both rtwlane.sys and rtwlane_13.sys drivers in c:\Windows\System32\Drivers.

Completely UNINSTALL (not just disable) ALL Realtek drivers (Audio "related" and Network Adapters in Device Manager) as stated above and attempt your installation one more time.

I hope this helps those experiencing similar issues which may be associated with Realtek products. Remember that patience and perseverance will defeat almost every computer issue. Good Luck!!

I am having similar problem. But getting details different than yours:

I am getting error:

"DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (ndis.sys) and after that system restore takes place.

I tried to uninstall realtek device but still it did not succeed to upgrade to Win10. Please help...


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