My tablet will not be receiving the Windows 10 Anniversary update

last year I bought a hp stream 8 tablet just as a lay around tablet. Shortly after buying it i upgraded it to windows 10. a few weeks ago i read about the new system requirements for the windows 10 update and that got me thinking about the security issues. because my hp stream 8 only has 1GB ram the windows 10 anniversary up will not run on my tablet due to the system requirements going up. now to be honest this is a HP's fault because what is 1GB ram going to do in 2016 In my opinion windows 10 now really does not run stable on that tablet I always get bluescreens saying out of memory. anyway now that the windows 10 anniversary update is out will i continue to get security updates on my current build. i have been thinking of reinstalling windows 8.1 on the tablet because it might be safer but if microsoft continue to release security updates their is no point in downgrading. I want this to be a discussion and see whet you guys think about this.

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I just confirmed it with My Stream 7 Tablet (1GB of RAM 32GB of storage).

It worked great running Windows 10 Anniversary 32Bit, (dare I say faster and more responsive).

It does however require a tons of space for installation, so here's what I did.
- Download media tool creation, create an ISO for Win10AU (Anniversary Update) 32Bit or both.
- Copy it to the tablet MicroSD then mount the ISO as a virtual drive (double click on the ISO)
- Run the installation/upgrade from that ISO.

With this method of installation it only require less than 6GB of free space vs 16GB which is near impossible to obtain on 32GB tablet.

Once installation/upgrade is done, verify that windows 10 is running properly on the tablet.

If it does, proceed to delete the old windows this will recover all of the installation space back to you.

*TIPS for HP Tablet w/ 1GB of ram: Run HP Assistance, verify all driver/Bios updated before hand.

Once that's done, uninstall ALL HP Assistance software from Program and Features.

This speed up the tablet significantly.

Microsoft PR need to start bashing those media that spin Microsoft news that invoke bad information.

Windows 10 Minimum Requirements to run the OS haven't changed at all.

Windows 10 System Req (official MS website)
What have changed is what's going forward for OEM to make new devices for Windows 10.

Starting from Anniversary Update, OEM should only make new devices sporting 2GB of ram regardless it's 32Bit/64Bit of ram and some other new screen size requirements.

Hope this helps.