Microsoft wants to know - Anyone seeing issues with the April updates KB3147461 and KB3147458?

Hi folks!

It's Patch Tuesday again, and I thought I'd drop by with a request for help. If you're seeing any issues with the April updates (KB3147461 if you have the original version of Windows 10 and KB3147458 if you have the November Update installed) I'd like to hear about them.

I'll be keeping an eye on this thread for the next few days, so if you're seeing problems please post a reply and let me know.

Thanks in advance!

John W [MSFT]


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Same issue/  KB3147458 will not install.  Some of my programs no longer work.
yes lots of problems, apps don't work ,extremely slow and half the programs bog down. Totally  sucks trying to get anything done  Almost a **** shoot if you get an update that works

John ,

I've waited for potential resolve to the issues ,as you have said has been done . I will now try to use the USB purchased from Ms and see if I can now get windows to work . Should I clear the bios and change from oem graphics to evga760 also >n this quest for successful install with minimal issues . At this point an instructional would be appreciated. Afta so many installs and sweeps I'm a bit worn 



Yvonne H.

Since the update this week, I cannot get into Xbox Live for the Solitaire games. Well, I can as a guest, but it will not let me sign in. 

Recently updated from Windows 8 (factory on my pc) to Windows 10.

Two issues noticed so far:

1. Cursor displays a several-second delay after any action undertaken; i.e. opening a new webpage, clicking on a button, opening an app, etc. The cursor is unusable for approximately three seconds, after which it works normally until the next action is commanded using the cursor.

2. After the most recent April update the fingerprint reader has stopped working to sign into Windows and all associated accounts and apps using the fingerprint verification to log on. The only thing swiping the finger does now is bringing up the assigned apps folder for which the fingerprint is registered.

Yes me too like a lot of other people it seems. When are Microsoft going to come out with a fix for this? I am beginning to think it may be deliberate. 
i need of help at times

Hi John,

I have an AlienX51 running windows 10 and it has been trouble free until update KB314745 came along.

It fails to install over and over again.  I tried to defer updates, but I understand that security updates can not be deferred.  Is there a way of stopping this update installation until a fix is created by Microsoft?  If there is an existing fix

please let me know how to download it.

Thanks in advance,


Update 314758 has caused very long delays in MS solitaire and mahjong, also on Chrome internet access. Other programs, like Family tree have been very slow.  It has crashed when opening Task Manager and Control Panel.
Ever since the updates the chrome browser keeps crashing computer is slower that it was seems very unstable.....was working fine before those updates from microsoft.......
I downloaded the original update offering in November.  I have an HP Elite book, or I had one.  It crashed my computer with and error code now with any log on attempt I get a purple screen and an endless spinning will.  It destroyed my computer and my investment.  How do I get my computer fixed or get a new computer (reimbursed for destroying my laptop).  Thank you

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