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Latest Win10 update, now laptop will not boot into Windows.  Blue "Choose an option" screen.  CONTINUE (Exit and continue Windows Rollback) - doesn't work.  USE ANOTHER OPERATING SYSTEM (Continue with another installed version of Windows) lets you choose the pre-update version, as well as the recent updat, but won't boot into either one after choosing keyboard version.  TROUBLESHOOT (Reset PC or see advanced options) doesn't work either.  Diagnose PC says unable to diagnose.  The only thing that works is the TURN OFF YOUR PC button.  Nothing gets me past this blue screen.

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Hi Christopher. I'm Greg, a volunteer installation specialist and 8 year Windows MVP, here to help you.

1) Try whichever method works here to get into Advanced Startup Options to run System Restore if this is a Windows Update, or Go Back to Old Version if this is a version update.

If you are able to access System Restore or Go Back and it fails, skip to step 3.

2) If necessary create bootable installation media to access the repair options if not accessible by any other method:

Boot media by powering up the PC while pressing the BIOS Boot Menu Key:

You may need to enter BIOS/UEFI Setup to turn off Fast Boot if it won't allow the Boot Menu key to interrupt starting Windows:

Choose UEFI version of media if offered, browse to second screen to Repair Your Computer link, then Advanced Troubleshoot options - to run System Restore to a point before the problem began.

3) If this fails try a Startup Repair, or go back to Troubleshoot Options on the previous screen to Reset your PC which will save your files while reinstalling Windows.

4) If that fails you can use the booted media to do the Clean Install which should get you past all difficulties as it has hundreds of thousands of others who have followed the steps in this link and never come back to report another problem: This link compiles the best possible install of Windows 10 that will stay that way as long as you stick with the tools and methods given.

5) You can also run the PC's Factory Recovery from it's hotkey at boot, following the procedure for that model found in it's Manual on it's Support Downloads webpage, or by asking Google how to Factory Recover the exact make and model.

Feel free to ask back any questions and let us know how it goes. I'll keep working with you until it's resolved.
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I am going to recommend you downgrade to Windows 10 1703.

Step 1: download Windows 10 1703 from the following link:

Step 2: create a bootable copy

Step 3: perform a custom install
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I had same problem. 

This is what worked for me: , with a clean install in the partition the software chose by default. I tried everything else first.

Some ,not all, of the user data was retained in a folder named Windows.old.

I was fortunate to have a backup on an external hard disk (Western Digital Passport w backup software WD Security and WD SmartWare).

But it was very frustrating. I spent most of yesterday and today getting the OS, the data, and the applications (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Chrome, Avast) reinstalled.

I have little good to say about Microsoft this evening, though the customer service agent Senorita Ivania in Managua helped cheerfully and efficiently to get Microsoft Office installed and working for me.

Good luck.

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My experience with Fall Creator:

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