Dear Microsoft,

words cannot describe how furious i am with you right now. I was working on my PC when this KB3194496 update automatically downloaded itself. it installed without surprisingly any issues. but now I cannot boot onto my desktop at all i'm stuck in a reboot loop whenever i log onto my pc. i did research into this afterwards, you were aware of the problem with the insider program feedback telling you about this issue and yet, you shipped out this update anyway?! I CANNOT UNINSTALL THE UPDATE DUE TO THE LOOP! I can't do anything on my PC at all. i have aspergers and thanks to you this is more stress than i need! i'm sorry to rant on here but i'm just so angry that microsoft don't test their updates before releasing them!!!!!!! 

Have you tried in the login screen clicking on the shutdown button (in the lower corner), and select "Restart windows" with a pressed shift key? This should invoke the safe mode and probably you are able to do a system restore. 

I guess, an AV tool has blocked a complete install. It seems that there are different reasons why the update installation fails or causing issues. 

- corrupted WU database

- blocking AV software (also Windows Defender!)

- faulty USB drivers

Also some users are reporting, that it took terrible long to download, unpack and install (some reported 12 hours). I've discussed a few things at Windows 10:Updates KB3195781/KB3194496 and install issues - maybe it helps.

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Hi JackL_836

This Microsoft link might help ya out.

How to temporarily prevent a driver update from reinstalling in Windows 10


Look For this area of the article as well:


Download the "Show or hide updates" troubleshooter package now.

I hope this can help some. Good Luck.


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