KB3194496 Failures

It appears, from this discussion and other sites, that the latest Windows update KB3194496 causes serious software issues to computers. With mine it failed to completely update but, in the process, rebooted the computer that then blew apart the registry, and then updated itself "successfully." However, Outlook, IE and the entire office suite no longer functions and when I attempt to repair over the Internet it responds that I am not connected to the internet, even though I am writing this discussion via the Internet. KB3194496 acts more like a virus than a vaccine to possible coding errors preceding it. I've spent the day working to resurrect my machine, and will need tomorrow to continue working on it.
I'd like to chime in and add that this update made my Surface Pro 4 unusable, as the touch and pen functionalities are no longer available.

My Lenovo X1 Carbon "successfully" updated windows 10 to the 1607 anniversary update but failed to display anything on the screen, apparently the display driver failed but only after starting up so windows did not notice the issue. The only way I could repair everything was by doing a remote desktop session and updating the display driver only to see that after the startup, the display failed again. I finally changed the bios settings and forced everything to the old display driver which solved most of the issues, but I still have to resize my screen at startup because it is not recognized.

I hope the KB3194496 would solve this issue BUT windows update never gets beyond 9% when doing updates now, waiting for already a week to get through the update, I tried to manually install it but failed. Problem is that with this windows update none of the other updates gets through neither, how can I solve this?


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