How to get Ransomware Patch (march 2017) updates?

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as you may aware, there's a massive ransomware attacks happening around the world at the moment. I have windows 7 64bit ultimate machine that I already got two "monthly rollup" and KB4012212 patch from windows update, am I secure? from this security hole? I also have a windows 10 64bit pro laptop, upgraded to latest version  1703 (15063.296) with upgrade assistant, however my laptop wont accept any available march update, I downloaded them from catalog microsoft update site, do they already installed with that assistant? windows 10 64bit laptop shows no any march update installed in update history

in basic words, my win10 laptop and win7 PC is secure? from this specific threat?

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PA Bear - MS MVP replied on

Win7 => Is KB4019264 and/or KB4014504 listed in Installed Updates (not Update History)?

Win10 => If you're running Win10 1703, OS Build 10563.296 (or higher), it's fully-patched/you don't need a "March update."

~Robear Dyer (PA Bear)
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