Critical_service_failed BSOD restart loop windows 10

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I upgraded to Windows 10 on my Sony Vaio Duo 11 a few weeks ago. It was running fine, until I did an update and found the start menu and notifications panel were unresponsive. I did a laptop reset without issue and the problem disappeared. However, as soon as it updated again, the problem came back.

I tried to reset again, but once it hit 100% it fell into a loop. It starts up, 3 seconds later it shows a BSOD with a "CRITICAL_SERVICE_FAILED" error, then restarts, goes back to the BSOD with the same error 3 seconds later, resets, and so on. 

I cannot get to the login screen. I cannot get to desktop. I cannot get to BIOS. I do have the OS installation ISO on a usb but I cannot get more than 3 seconds into start-up, so I can't force an OS install from the usb. 

What can I do? 

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Same problem with Asus x550c.

I can get to bios but nothing else.

Help please!!!!!!!  :-(

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