Complete list of changes in Anniversary update to windows 10

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Windows 10 is based on Windows-as-a-service where new OS is continually developed and features are released to the Public every 6 months.This major update released after every 6 months is called a feature upgrade.Anniversary update to Windows 10 would be the 2nd major update to Windows 10,bringing some exciting and new features,the first one being Windows 10 Version 1511.

This Article describes what are the major changes till now from Windows 10 version 1511 and Windows 10 version 1607-named Anniversary update slated to release on 2nd of August this year.


Lock Screen and greetings

  • The default e-mail address is no longer displayed on the lock screen.
  • You can control Music playback from the lock screen itself.
  • The Login screen now uses a background image same as the lock screen.

Activation improvements

  • New Windows activation troubleshooter to resolve issues with windows activation.
  • Microsoft account is now linked with your digital license which activates windows.

Start menu

  • The start menu UI has been updated.
  • Lists of the most used applications and all applications have been combined together;
  • Vertical bar added to the left side of the menu which contains settings,Explorer and file options.
  • The start menu now displays up to three newly added applications instead of one.
  • Applications that start with numbers, are now listed under the symbol "#" instead of "0-9".

Cortana and search

  • Cortana is available on the lock screen (you must first activate in the settings)
  • Improved synchronization of Cortana and Action center.
  • Cortana has been integrated with Maps.
  • Reminders are shown as a list and can use images and application data also.
  • Music search-Cortana can search for music and supports playback from Groove music pass(US only)
  • You can set a timer using Cortana.
  • Sync your notifications on the PC to phone and vice versa is enabled through Cortana.You can get information about battery,calls on the devices and cards exchange etc.
  • Cortana can read your Office 365 emails,reminders etc.
  • Cortana shows sound wave instead of random characters when it is listening to you.
  • Search shows Onedrive results too.

Virtual desktops

  • Added ability to show a specific window on all virtual desktops.
  • Switch between desktops is now possible with the new four-finger gestures on the Touchpad.


  • Indicators on the taskbar for Universal modern apps.
  • The system clock is integrated with events from the calendar application.
  • The system clock will be displayed on each monitor when using Multi monitor configuration.
  • The Flyout UI of volume is improved-now you can change the source of the Audio and control volume accordingly.
  • Explorer Icon would be removed by default.

Notification Center

  • Notification Center icon is moved to the right of the system clock.
  • Notification Center icon now shows the number of notifications.
  • Notifications between mobile and desktop version of Windows is now synchronized.
  • Wi-Fi Icon now has an additional interface instead of the on / off network.
  • The options are available to the new setting priority and the allowable number of notifications from the same application and configuration buttons at the bottom of the center.
  • You can reject any notification by clicking the middle mouse button.
  • Now you can remove/add individual items from the quick actions.

Edge Browser

  • Extensions support has been added.The notable extensions available now are Adblock plus,translator,last pass and web clipper.
  • Tabs can be pinned,so that accidental closing of the browser doesn't remove them.
  • Switch back and forth from web pages using swiping left or right.
  • Right clicking the back button would result in the list of web pages history.
  • Added an option to clean-up the data when the browser is exited.
  • The favorite bar can now show icons only,allows renaming and creating folders.
  • Paste/search and paste and go shows up in the address bar depending on the information present on the clipboard.
  • A warning displays when you close Edge when downloading is in progress.
  • The default download location of the items can be changed.
  • Added importing favorites support from Firefox.
  • Favorites are shown in a tree structure in hub.
  • When the display window is narrow,the share and make a note button get converted into an icon.
  • What's new and tips page added to the main menu of the browser that leads to a page of Edge change-log.
  • Hub can be pinned so that it would open when we start Edge.
  • New download prompt that would ask you for either save/run.
  • Duplicate favorites are allowed but they should not be in the same folder.(Credits to e. gray for last three)


  • New Skype Universal app that replaces phone and video app.
  • Added connect app which brings continuum experience to a PC.
  • Added Sticky notes as a modern app.
  • Feedback hub has been introduced replacing Insider hub and windows feedback.
  • New shortcut for feedback hub-Windows key+F.
  • New updated versions of
    • Sports
    • News
    • Music
    • Films and TV etc.
  • Sway is merged with photos app.
  • Windows defender can be used even if any other 3rd party Antivirus is installed.
  • Microsoft WiFi has been discontinued.
  • A new tool to clean Install Windows.

Settings app

  • Now applications can be run in light or dark mode.
  • Taskbar properties have been merged in settings app.
  • The apps can now be reset in the factory state.The option is present in System>Apps.This is quite handy when an app doesn't open.
  • A network test button has been added to test the network.
  • Each subcategory of a category has its own icon.
  • Location improvements-now approximate locations can be used.
  • Screen reader and magnifier improvements.
  • Added a separate option for Windows Insider program in Update and security.
  • Active hours in Windows update-The computer doesn't restart in the time interval of active hours.
  • The latest information on windows update link has been moved to advanced options.
  • Developer subcategory in update and security has been improved.
  • The search bar in the Settings app has been moved to center and is enabled by default.Earlier to search you had to click on the text box first.
  • In the subcategories,the search bar is on left side.
  • Improvements to the subcategory bar-the colored text would tell the active section.
  • New icons of update and security and Windows update.

Tablet mode

  • The taskbar can now be hidden when in Tablet mode
  • List of all applications is now shown in full screen rather than a list.


  • Optimization of Onecore,the shared code of windows used to develop windows on all platforms.
  • New Windows Ink feature.Windows Ink is enabled by default which are having a pen as an input device..Read here
  • New Installation progress of Windows update user Interface.
  • Improved battery life of a device in standby mode.
  • Implemented Native Ubuntu Bash support.
  • The User interface of User account control has been changed.
  • Added a new group policy to remove 260 character limit on paths of files and folders on NTFS,
  • New emoticons.
  • Command Prompt display has been improved on High DPI displays.
  • New Explorer, Network and BD icons.

I would update the list as soon as new features are available,however expect no more features now because the Anniversary update is almost feature complete.

Official Announcement:
Windows 10 Anniversary Update Available August 2 | Windows Experience Blog

Read more:

Microsoft confirms the release date of Windows 10 Anniversary update

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Let's add a few more to the "Edge" category

  • It now remembers the previous screen location
  • You can "pin" the hub open and it will remember this on the next launch
  • Imports now go into an automatically generated folder
  • You can prompt for what you want to do with downloads
  • You can have favorites with duplicate URLs as long as they are not in the same folder

Would update as soon as I have time.Thanks.(Please use suggest changes feature from now on)
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Is there a Microsoft posting anywhere listing new mobile features in the update, if any? Thanks.
Windows Insider MVP 2018-2021 and Moderator

Dell Inspiron 5590 - i5 10210U/12GB DDR4/ 4GB Nvidia MX230/ 512GB nvme
Thanks, I have seen that page, previously. I was hoping Microsoft has an official page on the subject as I am interested if Microsoft is including Outlook tasks. I do not see that in this article and, I am wondering, if Microsoft does not include tasks in the anniversary update, will they ever? This, in spite of the many desperate requests for them. 

Why do I see no mention made of the major change to Windows 10 Pro, where you have removed a major part of its functionality? Specifically the removal of certain group policies. You aren't removing this function for security reasons, you are removing it to force people to purchase the more expensive Enterprise version of your software.  

It is, as far as I am aware, illegal in many countries to remove functionality from a product that has already been purchased, simply because you wish to make more money by forcing people to upgrade. It would be covered under standard consumer law, possibly under the heading of unfair contract terms.

I hope you're fixed the window borders when using high DPI (e.g. 200%).

They have gaps between the window edge and the window shadow, where parts of other windows show through. Different parts of the edges are 2px wide while others -- even on the same edge of the window -- are 1px wide. Sometimes parts of an edge change width or develop holes when the window is active or inactive.

I've been joking for the last year that you seem to have given graphics work to people who don't know how to draw basic rectangles. :)

There are other high DPI issues, some at the API level, but those are the most obvious that I can't believe anyone let out the door. It'd be great if MS had more attention to detail, given this is a product used by millions of people. And if it didn't take a year for things to get fixed.

It's a grey area regrding purchasing, as Windows 10 was offered as a payment-free upgrade. I updraded from Win 7 Pro, thankfully I still have the install disc if things turn out bad.

For those who were late and had to pay, then perhaps it was a bad move from Microsoft.

After updating my Windows 10 with the "anniversary update," my Edge Browser suddenly no longer displays (finishes loading) my Google Calendar.  I can still display it properly with my Internet Explorer Browser but no longer on the Edge Browser.  Is there any way to fix this?

But how about the *added* functionality:

  1) deletes drivers

  2) deletes installed programs

  3) kills running programs without warning

  4) removes default settings (specifically the web browser) and won't let you set them again

Seeing as none of these changes (or the update itself to be honest) were approved or desired, I'm about ready to find a lawyer to see if DCMA charges can be brought. I'm tired of having my system trashed... If I didn't have critical software that requires Windows, I would be running *nix in about 10 minutes; and I'd be downgrading to WIN7 if some unnamed corporation hadn't strong-armed companies into refusing to support it (things like not being able to get drivers make using a computer difficult). Hmmm, maybe there's an anti-trust angle here too...

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