Anniversary Edition Update Fails - Error code 0x80070057 - The 2% Solution

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When you try to update Windows 10 to the anniversary edition using the Windows 10 Upgrade tool, it downloads, verifies OK then stops at 2% with an Error code of 0x80070057.


Credit: EntenEller


Before you start, disable your Ant-Virus software !

1) Go to Windows Update, by opening the start menu, click on ‘Settings’ / 'Updates & security'

or in the ‘Search box’ type: update' and open ‘Check for Updates’.

2) Now look down for 'Learn More' link and click on it, it should open a page on your default browser.

3) Next click on 'Get the Anniversary Update now'.

The File that is downloaded is named: Windows10Upgrade28084.  

4) Double click on this file Open it and make sure it starts downloading the upgrade file.

Note: Your window to disable the WIFI may be partially hidden by the Windows update process so move it to an accessible corner of the display be you perform step #5.

5) Next Watch for 'Verifying Download' and make sure to turn off your Internet WIFI connection or disconnect your LAN cable when the download reaches 100% IMMEDIATELY.

If you already had the 2% error and are reading this Wiki, the update is already on your computer so it's going to just verify like a hash check to make sure the Windows 10 update files are intact. 

6) Next it should start the upgrade but get stuck at the usual 2% (this may take few minutes to reach the 2% mark).

7) Now wait for about 2 minutes and re-enable your Internet/WIFI/LAN and the upgrade should continue and finally get beyond 2% in a short while (be patient).

8) After the update is ready, you will need to restart the computer, click on the ‘Restart now’ button.

9) After your computer restarts the update will finish installing and may reboot one or more times to complete the process.

10) Check your activation status: Click on Start / Settings / Update & security / Activation

11) Verify the Windows 10 version number is 1607 (As of August 2nd 2016):  Start / Settings / System / About


Note: Updates may change the build number from time to time such as KB3176495 released on August 9th.

That's it, you’re done!

Tried the solution and Still failed.
This works fine except you may need to temper IMMEDIATELY slightly if your PC is slow.  I failed three times to get the process to proceed but then waited at the 100% (in fact 0%) point to allow writing to disk(?) to complete (3 to 4 seconds in my case) and then cut the WiFi.  On WiFi restore as shown above the upgrade continued.
Two of my three PCs had this issue. Tried this solution and it failed once or twice, then waited for more than 60 seconds (90 or so) and it worked. Many thanks!
Thank you for the describing this process. With regard to step 6, I waited over 90 seconds and the process worked perfectly.
Not helpful.

I don't post. I just research. But I had to sign up just to say thanks! This worked perfectly, and didn't take long at all to find with an Internet search.

Anyway, here's a RANT. Hey, Microsoft - you'd better fix this before you finding all your customers jumping ship for Apple or Linux products. Home users shouldn't have to figure out how to fix this kind of idiocy.

Seems to be working for me too, almost done.
How did you work this out?!
Disable your Anti-virus software and try again.
Never be afraid to ask. This forum has some of the best people in the world available to help.

Disable your Anti-virus software and try again.

So far I have found no issues related to anti-virus.

My download is downloading verified and completed , then it reverts back to the previous version.

So it seems im not alone what's the problem? 

Go to your computer manufacture's support web site, there should be a list of model number that support the Anniversary Edition.


Never be afraid to ask. This forum has some of the best people in the world available to help.

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