Q: Windows 10 - Restore Points are being deleted


I upgraded to windows 10 a couple of months ago (and isn't that turning out to be a mistake) and have been running into a a few problems.

After working out that my system restore had been turned off I turned it on and configured it to use ~4% space. After checking and double checking it had a couple of restore points available.

Today I updated windows to the newest build. However, when it had installed and my system was running I found that my internet connection  no longer worked. After running network diagnostics it informed me that the windows socket registries for network connectivity were missing. No one else seemed to have this problem and after scouring the internet on another computer it seemed the best option would be to restore my computer to a functioning system. However, when I tried to do this I found that all my system restore points had been deleted.

I was extremely not happy at this point.

Eventually I managed to work out how to fix my network connectivity, but I am left with the problem of my restore points. What is the purpose of creating them if they are deleted when they will be of actual use to me?

Where are they stored on my computer so I can back them up for future windows 10 failures?

An answer would be most appreciated.



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