[September] Patch Tuesday Cumulative updates

Microsoft on Patch Tuesday released updates to every version of Windows. 

Version 1703

KB4038788  for Windows 10 version 1703 jumps the build number to 15063.608. Direct links:

Version 1607

KB4038782 for Windows 10 1607 jumps the build number to 14393.1715. Direct links:

See more details:


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It seems like this cumulative update messes up my laptop: after installing the updates, I get a normal login screen, but when logging in, the screen turns black, with cursor, I'm able to get into task manager etc. etc., have already tried to uninstall graphics drivers etc., nothing helps until I pick a restore point.

Can you solve this? I'm terrified of restarting my pc and letting it install the updates that clearly mess it up.


I have the same issue with one of my HP envy laptops, both had the same windows 1703 but one updated normally and the other one reboots to black screen.  Have to use ctl alt del to reboot and use esc key to navigate to a system restore.  Can hide the update with the microsoft tool and it operates OK

My Nokia Lumia 1520 having sim issues after updated to build 14393.1715. The sim slot getting hot. Hope the next patch can solve this issues before it burn down my phone.
With last night's update, I have 3 Windows 10 computers in our office that have the same problem. And 2 more computer ready to update today. I get a normal login screen, but when logging in, the screen turns black, with the cursor, I'm able to get into task manager. Only by restarting 5-6 times can we get the computers to sign on. All computers are new with in the last month.
I installed KB4038788 and I now have networking issues when my pc is connected to my router using Ethernet. My LAN crashes and reboots every few seconds. I've gotten around it by directly connecting to my modem, booting up and then shutting down. Then if I reconnect my router and connect to it the problem goes away until I restart my computer. Shut down instead of restart seems to keep the LAN working. I'm using the Ethernet port on a MSI Z270-A PRO motherboard


See this temporary solution.

Slightly different problem after Tuesday's updates.  Desktop won't boot cleanly, reboots to "Preparing Automatic Repair" mode and comes up on the "Choose your keyboard layout" which is completely unresponsive to keyboard input.

I've booted from a flash drive and 1) attempted "Startup Repair" with not success, and 2) attempted restores from saved recovery points with no success.

HPE-500f model PC running the 1607 kernel

Any thoughts on were to go from here?

When connected to the router go into device manager on win10.

Turn off power management to wake or sleep, set down speed to not down,

set speed rate to the highest for the adapter 100 or 1000 mbs.

Check that the router is not set for time allotted settings.

Check win10 is networking settings; not on metered, not on public network.

Post back results.


What's going on with the latest....

2017-09 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1703 for x64-based Systems (KB4038788)

My computer has been trying to apply these for some time now and it seems that it's in a loop. Every attempt fails and the system reboots or restarts and then displays the following message STOP CODE CRITICAL STOP - a lengthy process then begins repairing!

This error code might help: (0x80070013)

Anyone know? or has Microsoft got this in hand?

September 12, 2017—KB4038788 (OS Build 15063.608) is causing an issue with the wireless network adapter in my laptop. I typically lock the screen when away from the device and must login with a password when I return. Since the latest update, when I unlock the laptop, my wifi adapter is disabled. The troubleshooter tells me there is an issue with the installed driver, which it cannot resolve. An internet search for a driver comes back with the response that the best driver is already installed. Rebooting the laptop will fix the issue, but I don't want to have to reboot, everytime I want to go online. I am currently running on an ethernet connection, but if I take my laptop anywhere, I don't want this issue haunting me forever.

Have there been any other reports of this issue, or a similar one?

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