Touch keyboard very small after Creators Update (Fall)

Hi, after the Creators Update my Touch Keyboard became very small and docked to the bottom of the screen. It was possible to undock it in keyboard settings, however I can't adjust the size as it was before the update. The keyboard has become very small and almost useless.

This is the biggest I can get it:

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Based on the details that you have shared and the screenshot, there is a possibility that your device is affected by a bug after the update. To confirm this, may we know the make and model of your device?

At the same time, we can also check other factors that may have caused the issue. Please refer to the methods below to troubleshoot.

Method 1: With the new update, you have an option to change the keyboard layouts. In the touch keyboard, you can tap on the settings icon and select a different layout. See image below:

We suggest checking other layouts and see if it solves your concern. We also advise checking the Full (standard) layout so we can identify if it will show the same behaviour.

Method 2: There are also instances that an outdated driver causes issues after an update. To update outdated drivers, particularly the display driver, follow the steps in this article: Update drivers in Windows 10.

If updating does not help, you can try uninstalling the display driver and click the Scan for hardware changes icon in the toolbar to let the system automatically detect and install the driver.

We will wait for your response.

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Sorry this didn't help.

Hi and thanks for a quick reply,

I have a No Name HTPC with a Gigabyte Z77M motherboard. The graphic card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660.

Option 1 was the first thing I tried, but I can't get it bigger than in provided picture.

Drivers are up to date.

To test I also changed to internal (Intel on board graphics) but problem persists so obviously its not a driver problem.

So what do you think? Bug?

Rgds /Björn

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Sorry this didn't help.

Thank you for responding. We would like to provide additional troubleshooting steps while we are still verifying if the issue with the keyboard is a bug. To get started, follow the steps below:

  1. You can perform a clean boot to check if there are software conflicts that cause an issue with the touchscreen keyboard.
  2. If the issue still persists, you may proceed to perform a repair upgrade which helps address issues with built-in apps and features. For the instructions, you can follow the steps in this article: How to: Perform a Repair Upgrade Using the Windows 10 ISO file.

Once you are done, you can reply back and tell us the result.

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Hi, I have same problem and I tried everything including Repair upgrade but no success.

I have A86I 350 R2.0 motherboard with 4GB Ram video integrated HD63100 (driver is installed via Microsoft update driver). My display native resolution is 1280x800 and is 7"( for car PC)

In Safe Mode , touch keyboard is normal but when I boot again in normal mode is very small.

I tried also last December 12, 2017 -KB4054517 (OS Build 16299.125) succes !

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