Q: Windows Spotlight lock screen is stuck on the same picture!

So the title basically says it all. Every time I start up my laptop, the lock screen is always the same picture, regardless of the fact that I have checked multiple times that I have it set on Windows Spotlight. The preview screen in the lock screen settings however displays different pictures. Furthermore, the previews of the apps that I have specified do not show up on the lock screen either. Really hoping some one could help me out with this because its bugging the **** out of me!!!

Thanks a ton!

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For those who have issue with not working Spotlight even after user logged in.

I think I have tried everything suggested here but nothing helped. 

Finally I've managed to fix this:

  1. In Personalization->Lock Screen settings change Background to Picture.
  2. Delete everything from folder 
  3. In Personalization->Lock Screen settings change Background back to Windows Spotlight

That's it. 

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Sorry this didn't help.

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