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In Windows 7, I configured my keyboard to use the “US International Keyboard” so that I could type some other language characters e.g. Ä,ä,Ö,ö,Ü,ü,Í,í,Ñ,ñ,Ó,ó, etc, etc. I used the right Alt key and e (right Alt + e) to produce é. I have now upgraded to Windows 10 and cannot find this option. How can I activate this US International Keyboard?

Thanks HFr.

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I finally found it!! Go to Settings from the windows icon at bottom left.  Click on Time and Language, the Region and Language.

You should see English (United States) ...[assuming you are in US]. Click on it and a button labeled OPTIONS will appear.

Click on the OPTIONS button. Now you will see an option to ADD a KEYBOARD. Click on that and then scroll down the list until you see United States International. Click to add it to your language bar (should be in system tray)

Works just like previous versions after you add it.

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