Windows XP theme and Aero

So, I've grown extremely attached to the Windows 7 Aero theme, and XP looks pretty nice too. However, since XP's already dead, and 7 is very quickly nearing end of support (P.S., please don't kill 7, it'll be bad for all of us), soon I'm going to have to switch to the Metro theme. Metro isn't that bad at all, but it would be nice if you could include an Aero theme in a future update for Windows 10 -- and maybe even an XP theme, too. Heck, maybe you could even toss an Aero, XP, and Classic theme on the Xbox One. Would you please consider doing this? If you do decide to take down 7, including the Aero theme in 10 would save us all a bit of trouble -- especially the people who have become so attached to Aero that they end up having to download loads of third-party software to make 10 look even remotely like 7.

I know you care, Microsoft. Please consider this heavily. 

Please excuse my "discussion English", as this is my first discussion and I did not understand them very well at the time.

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