Q: Start Button will not show app list in Start Menu any longer. How do I fix this?

Just got the January 3, 2018 KB4056892 update, and now my start button will not show app list in start menu any longer.  I've already checked Settings, Personalization, Start and set & reset the option to "Show app list in start menu" with no luck.  How do I fix this?Windows 10

Version 1709 

OS Build 16299.192



As you may already know, the KB4056892 update includes quality improvements and no new operating system features are being introduced in this update. To troubleshoot the issue with your Start menu, we recommend following the steps from this article.

Let us know if you need further help.

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I just created a community account to reply to this thread.

We just had a client experience this issue on a several computers at once.

The user profile and system permissions somehow got messed up during the update process. The stations with Norton Internet Security (SONAR enabled) experienced these issues, meaning the antivirus program might have thought some system changes that the update was doing were malicious and blocked them.

One way we solved it on several computers was to do a system restore to a point before the update was applied.

Since you can't left-click start, right-click on it and click "Run" then type "rstrui"  (no quotes) to get to the system restore app.

Once that finishes and the computer restarts.  If your start button works again, we decided to hide/ignore that update (for now...until they fix whatever is breaking everything). We downloaded and ran this Microsoft "Hide or Show Updates" troubleshooter package (LINK to help page or DIRECT LINK to the file download)

We had one system where even after the system restore was complete, the start menu and permissions STILL didn't work.

We fixed that system by downloading the update on its own (HERE), disabling all antivirus/firewall/security software, then installing the update manually. Once the computer reboots, the issues were still there but this time when we did another system restore (from an earlier restore point at the end of December) everything worked again.

I hope this helps someone get their windows 10 fixed without needing to do a full reinstall or Windows reset! 

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I have the same problem but it's not only the menu what is not working well, it is also the settingsscreen and the desktop what is not working well.  When you have this isue try to delete an icon from your desktop, (Atention: it wil be gone!!!) but it keep showing until you refresh the desktop. I wend in to the configurations screen to installed programs where you can remove installed updates and removed KB4056892 wich installed inmediatly again bud ofcourse need an restart. After that restart all was working fine. Then I restarted the PC again and ther the problem reapear. I have all the newest drivers but are waiting for MSI to produce a new Bios for my motherboard. Anyway I just removed the update and put my system on hold for 36 days for updating. 

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