Quick Tip: Create desktop shortcuts in Windows 10

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One of the common customization tasks that Windows users like to do is add a shortcut to their favorite apps on the Desktop. In this article, we take a look doing that.


One of the missing puzzles in Windows 8/8.1 was the inability to place a shortcut for Universal Apps on the desktop. Users will be pleased to know you can do this now in Windows 10.

Shortcuts to Universal Windows apps on the desktop

Here are a couple ways you can create a desktop shortcut in Windows 10. For this example, I will be creating a shortcut of the Photos app:

Adding a shortcut requires a simple drag and drop action.

Left click on the tile or icon then drag and release on the desktop

For icons such as This PC, Network, Control Panel

Press Windows key + S
Type: show desktop icons


Click Start > Settings > Personalization > Themes > Desktop icon settings

Hit Enter

Check off the icons you want displayed on the desktop.

Then click Apply and OK

To create shortcuts to your favorite websites on the desktop

Launch Internet Explorer, the click the left mouse button on the URL icon for the desired website, then drag and release on the desktop.

You can also drag and drop on the desktop

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hello this is not working at all how can I create desktop short cut for edge

right clicking on application does not give option to create short cut
Hello- I am trying to find out how to create a desktop shortcut for specific websites? For instance, if I want to make a shortcut to Microsoft.com. Before all we had to do was right click and then select create shortcut.

The only way that I could find to create a desktop shortcut for specific websites is, while on the website copy the url from the address bar,

right click on your windows desktop screen and select new then select shortcut and paste, or type the address into the space then click next and then finish.

See BillynPatPeterson - below.  I think his is easier.

From what I can find to create a shortcut on my desktop for Edge is to click what used to be start (now a window image) in bottom left of desktop screen then click and drag the app icon for Microsoft Edge to your desktop. (Basic version of what Andre said up at the top of the page)   

Update 8 -19 -2015

I can understand wanting to have a shortcut on the desktop for an ap.

I did not consider when I responded that when I installed windows 10 that a shortcut for windows edge was pinned to my task bar.  So why have a desktop shortcut?

Re desktop shortcuts....I am no expert, but I did this...............

 In Edge, select the page you want the short cut for.

Click the three dots at top r/h corner,......under the X.

On drop down select INTERNET EXPLORER,

your wanted page will re appear,

Right click  on that page , all your wanted selections will be in the drop down,

select your short cut and there you have it,

the short cut icon is on your desk top.............................Billy............................

Thank you very much...this finally worked for me

This is not working.  Drag and drop does not work like it used to.

Right clicking doesn't work

Left clicking and dragging doesn't work - it just opens up that program in the Internet.

Why did Microsoft have to make a popular feature so damn difficult?

All I want to do is create a shortcut to my Gmail and Hotmail on my desktop.

can it really be that hard?

I have had the same difficulty.  There seems to be a couple of user-unfriendly ways of accomplishing this in Edge.  I took the easy way out.  I disabled Edge and went back to good ol' Internet Explorer. 
Pin page to start. drag pin from start menu to the desktop.

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