Windows 10 update problem - password not recognised when offline


Updated Windows 10 yesterday, then spent a whole morning trying to work out how to gain access to my laptop, at work, with a deadline to meet and no computer. The update removed or changed some functionality related to passwords, so I couldn't log in, both PIN and passwords gave errors.

The problem was that my wifi connection here requires a browser login. So when the system restarts there is no internet connection. I eventually got an employee login that didn't require browser input, and the passwords then synchronised so I could get access.

My issue here is in two parts:

1. Why the **** does an update screw up my passwords? Surely this is a pretty basic bug, and given the number of posts I've seen in my research it has been around for a while.

2. If it is a known problem that can't be easily fixed, why not give a warning when being invited to "restart and update" that you need a constant internet connection to log back in? Or allow one password free login immediately following a high risk update?

Shabby. Very shabby indeed Microsoft.


PS - edit added - the four asterisks didn't replace the word you may be thinking of, and were automatically put in when I submitted - just in case anyone thinks I have a potty mouth. I'd tell you what the actual word was but you'd only see **** :)


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