How do I disable login password, netplwiz NOT WORKING! PLEASE HELP!

IanHartland asked on

Just upgraded from Win7 to 10 and already its p****** me off!  Because I am the ONLY user of my PC, I don't want to keep putting in a password to start Win10.  I have followed loads of instructions to disable the password through the 'netplwiz' and unticked the use password, then another box comes up, and I leave the password spaces blank, and then OK, but none of this works?  Upon re-starting, It comes up with 'incorrect username and password' and I HAVE to type in a d*** password AGAIN.  This is REALLY annoying me!!!  ANY HELP, because none of the info I have studied works? 

I have spent LOADS and LOADS of time trying to find a solution to this password disable problem.

If I don't find a solution soon, I WILL go back to Win7, and recommend everyone NOT to upgrade to Win10!

It should be a simple task, to disable password login, OH NO, NOT Win10!!!

If it works, let it be!
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DanP Howell replied on

You people are so full of ****.You do not consider the problem,just dispense some ready-made solution.Do you think we are idiots,we've tried all the netplwiz,user account2,etc,etc,they do not **** work.

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