A warning popup when opening any .url file in “Favorites”. Why?

 When I open a folder or file-window and click to “Favorites” folder, then double click to open a .url file I get a windows warning popup “File Download – security warning”, “Do you want to open this file?”.  This has been happening since the September 13, 2016 second Tuesday windows update.  This did not happen before September 13, 2016 second Tuesday windows update. 

I get this warning with all the internet links or .url files I saved in the entire “Favorites” folder.  This happens every time I open any .url file in the “Favorites” folder.  This does not happen to .url files saved in other folders ( non-favorites folders). 


I also get this popup warning when I move a .url file from one sub-folder to another sub-folder in the “Favorites” folder. 


I do not ever use Microsoft Edge or Microsoft internet explorer browsers.  I use FireFox and Google chrome variant SRWare Iron browser. 


My way of using the internet is to work out of the “Favorites” folder (file window) exclusively.  I do not keep my main frequent links anywhere else.  This is how I use the internet.  I have been doing this for years.  The only way I access saved internet links is by opening a “Favorites” folder.


Since this is the only way I have used the internet for years, it is very cumbersome to suddenly have warning popup every time I use a saved internet link.  This warning is so very unnecessary.  So, I need a warning when I open a .url file to my bank web site or yahoo web mail or web site of local newspaper, or Ars Technica or CNET?  I even get a warning popup for all my Microsoft web site .url files!   I get this popup warning for every one and all other .url files in the “Favorites” folder.  This is madness!!


This is not caused by a malware infection.  I have very safe internet practices.  I do not go to questionable web sites or do any questionable unsafe things on the internet.  I use Norton Antivirus Online and it automatically updates itself.  I also use a number of stand-alone scan-only anti-malware scanners and scan regularly.  So I do not need to check my system for malware and post back because I have already done that.


How do I shut off this silly and cumbersome warning popup?


I use my computer in a normal user account not an administrator account. 

I am running Win10 Pro on a i7 tower 16GB memory 2TB HD.  I vigilantly keep everything updated daily.  Or at least every three days I check EVERYTHING for updates. 


I've run into this problem on 2 Windows 7 machines today.  Fortunately, it is easy to remedy.  Open an Administrator command prompt and type in the following commands:

  1. PUSHD C:\Users\user_name\Favorites

You will have to substitute in the appropriate path to your Internet Explorer favorites for the first command.

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