Q: Windows 10 error code 0xc000014c

I recently done the free download to windows 10, everything was working great until my PC suddenly turned itself off, I tried to turn the pcback on again and all I get is:


your PC/device needs to be repaired

the boot configuration failed


error code: oxc000014c

you'll need to use recovery tools. If you don't have a disk or usb then contact your pic administrator



I fixed my problem, thankfully.

First off, find the correct windows iso for your version of windows.  Here is where I started.

After downloading the iso file, I used the Windows USB/DVD Download Tool which let me create a bootable DVD

After the new disk burned on my laptop, I put the DVD into my desktop and turned my PC back on.  I hit the function key for my motherboard to change the boot order and booted from the DVD.  It took a few minutes and then it asked me to install Windows 10.  In the lower left hand corner of that window there was an option to "repair" which I chose.  After 30 seconds, my PC rebooted and I was up and running with no issues.

Hopefully that works for you too!

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