Q: How many hours does it take for Windows 10 to shut down?

As mentioned in other threads, Windows 10 behaves differently each day. On days 1 and 12, it will not shut down. It goes through the process of shutting down and all programs close. Last night, I watched it for a bit and noticed the hard drive light flashed constantly for well over 10 minutes with the ‘Shutting down’ message and the dots on the screen. Eventually I went to bed.

When I got up in the middle of the night, I could see my regular desktop. All the programs had shut down but there was still a heap of processes. Pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del to get the blue menu, then going to the shut-down there, did nothing, and the regular method did nothing as well. I had to do a manual reset to reboot the computer.

On a few other nights there is another message—I forget what it is—but I’ll post that when I recall it.

On the 12 days I’ve had Windows 10, it has shut down properly maybe three times. But, like I say, every day is different. I’ve never come across such an inconsistent, capricious operating system.

Are you using the 1511 update yet?   It fixes a great many issues with shutdown.
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Hi Shawn: that’s the only one I’ve ever been on. Sorry, I should have mentioned I was already on 1511.
Jack Yan

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