Windows Explorer randomly starts to lag and lags other programs until the pc or explorer.exe is restarted.

i reinstalled windows last week due to file corruption and have been having an issue thats driving me crazy as despite trying a ton of fixes i cant seem to fix it. The windows explorer will somewhat randomly begin to lag and lag bleeds into certain other programs. It seems to trigger "mostly" while doing things that directly effects the the explorer like looking through folders, moving files, changing the theme etc. When it occurs the explorer loads very sluggishly with things that used to take 1-2 seconds taking 5-10, TEW 2010 (Text & Pic based game) menu takes 10-15 seconds to go between menu pages and it makes the start menu feel slow sometimes. At first i thought restarting the pc is the only way to get things back to normal, but i then found restarting the explorer via task manager also fixes albeit short term (could be 20 mins or once i made 25 hours between episodes). The only way i've found to completely avoid the issue is ending the explorer task and working without it. During the episodes i've checked the task & resource managers and everything looks fine despite it feeling like the disk is at 100% usage. Also during one of the episodes i ran 3 different hard disk benchmarks (HD Tune, Crystal Disk Mark and Performance Test 10) to see if its my HD failing and they all looked fine and say my s.m.a.r.t. is healthy. 

Before the reinstall this issue would happen from time to time, maybe once a month if that. now it happens multiple times a day. last night it happened 4-times in 4 hours.

Also originally i thought the Corsair ICue program (for my k55 rgb keyboard) was causing as that also caused a similar kind of lag while it was running which is weird as before the reinstall there was no issue. But even after it was uninstalled the issue has remained.

in the interest of saving time here are the fixes i've tried so far....

1. SFC Scans

2. Dism commands

3. updating windows

4. turned off indexing

5. reset the explorer

6. cleared and turned off quick access

7. disabled windows search

8. turned my intel optane off and used older drivers from my motherboard site

9. updated my graphics drives

10. installed and uninstalled my chipset drivers

11. disabled anti-virus

12. set explorer for best performance

13. check disk

14. made sure my hard drive firmware was up to date

15. updating my bios

16. restarting the explore as adim

17. creating a new account

18. disconnected from the internet and disabled my modems

19. turn off lan auto config

20. used a different keyboard

Windows 10 Home Advanced Fully Updated
Asrock Z390 Steel Legend MB
I7 9700k
Zotac 2080 Super Amp
Kingston 480GB A400 with 16GB of intel optane


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