Windows 10 is a nightmare!


Major rant ahead. I have had issues with the Windows 10 upgrade since nearly day one. My system is not old (purchased in 2013) and in addition to this, I received SEVERAL prompts, messages, etc. from Microsoft reminding me to download this travesty because my system WAS FULLY COMPATIBLE with the upgrade as well as Windows Update AUTOMATICALLY downloading this piece of schmit onto my system. I finally gave in and upgraded only to render myself into an angry, anxiety ridden mess because I've had to fix major errors in my system since.

I work full time and am an online student as well, so to have to take time and fix system instabilities has made me nearly have a nervous breakdown. I have contacted Microsoft directly and when they couldn't resolve my issues with basic troubleshooting, I paid $149 to have them go into deeper diagnostics. At one point I was told that my hard drive was the problem and needed to be replaced. I said NO, that is NOT the problem - the problem is the Windows 10 upgrade. I asked to speak to a manager and I complained loudly. He promised to assist me some more. I was then finally told that my system was not compatible with Windows 10. What?! Wasn't I just recently constantly bombarded with messages, alerts, etc. telling me that my system was ABSOLUTELY COMPATIBLE and that I needed to upgrade this entire time up until I upgraded?

What is more disturbing is that I see more diagnostics going on right here in this FREE forum than what I received after I PAID to get help. I don't recall that they ever ONCE looked at the crash dump files to see exactly what was going on or what drivers may be causing issues. I updated a couple drivers on my own over the course of a few weeks which temporarily solved my problems until Windows Updates were installed. My initial problem was the DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION which sent my computer into the endless system freeze, then blue screen, then forced reboot - continuous - and I couldn't stay on my computer for more than 3 minutes before it would freeze.

After this last Windows Update, my computer was sent into that vicious cycle again. I got frustrated and tried to reset but couldn't because I got the blue screen with error WDF VIOLATION. Then I tried to revert back to Windows 8.1 but couldn't because I got the blue screen again with the WDF VIOLATION. So now, I can't reset, I can't revert, I have a pile of junk computer that used to be great and it wasn't cheap!!! And here, I have Microsoft saying that my computer isn't compatible and that I shouldn't have upgraded. Oh, really? Hmm. Nice. They went to my pc manufacturer website, which is HP, and ran a test and this said that my model computer wasn't tested for compatibility with Windows 10. In basic terms, they said that I should have checked this out BEFORE I had upgraded. Oh really? Well, then why would you say that my computer is fully compatible? Also, instead, why not send an alert for me to CHECK and verify with my manufacturer FIRST instead of making the claim that you (Microsoft) know that my computer is fully compatible.

At present, I have to get a recovery disk from HP and wait for it in the mail (tomorrow it is supposed to arrive), save all my files etc, wipe everything and reinstall Windows 8 and start all over. I'll lose all my custom additions that I paid for with my initial computer purchase so I'll have to hunt down everything and try to get it all back. I am so angry, disappointed, a mess, nauseous .... I have no time to fix all the garbage that Microsoft is throwing out at us. And then, when you ask them for help, they don't seem to know ANYTHING or how to do any diagnostics. Also, my original Windows 8 upgraded to Windows 8.1 without my consent and I had problems with the Windows Update screwing up in that as well! I was forced into that upgrade and it was a bugger too! However, at least my computer would STAY ON and I could actually use it!

The Microsoft tech did some changes on my computer (changed and/or disabled some drivers etc) so now my computer will at least stay on, but I have lost my HP Support Assistant, my screen is all screwed up and stretched because it can only be in a weird resolution because of the AMD display driver I think, some applications and options don't work, and who knows what else. I don't even want to know because it might be my ticket to the mental institution. I hate my computer now. It used to be so beautiful and sharp, now it is horrible. I really don't want to do a recovery disk, I want a whole new computer and try to forget this nightmare. It's made me all emotional and given me a mean streak. And I'm a nice person lol.

I am just wondering if anyone has had this extreme trouble also. It's disgraceful and I can't believe that a major manufacturer can wreck people's machines like this without some offer of compensation or REAL help. This is absolutely unacceptable!!!!!

Sincerely disappointed.

P.S. I truly believe that my system would work with Windows 10 if they would have stepped through any troublesome drivers, chipsets, etc., but as far as I could see as they worked on my computer remotely, they did not bring up any dump files or anything that showed errors or system errors. It seemed as if the "incompatible" explanation was the same as the "hard drive failure" explanation - in other words, it was just a guess without merit. Sad.

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Hello, I too belief it is a nightmare.  I have spent days and days on tech support getting it to even load, then it would crash on the few times that it did load.  Each time a new person would tell me don't worry Dennis it will work.  PURE ****.  Finally on the 12th or maybe 13th time, seriously I counted till 10 tries and gave up counting,  a nice young man got it on.  Then it wants to install drivers that crash it.  They have made this so you can't turn off downloads!!!!!  HOW STUPID is that?  So finally this morning it worked, I got my antivirus on, got my email setup with the help of my companies IT and then a popup said that a driver was installed and needed to restart.  GUESS what, it crashed again.   I have learned after hours on the phone with India, of course no Americans, to do a safe mode, then I disable the driver and restart,  it wouldn't open, try  again it wouldn't open , then it opened and looked bizarre, no programs or anything.  Shut down, 4th time and it has opened normally and I am afraid to turn it off and afraid it will install bad drivers or something else again.I am writing from a different computer, this I a Len.  I have learned that I will never buy a Dell again and if I can help it never buy Nvidia either.  I simply can't fathom why they have made this piece of duugey.  What are they thinking, that we will just take it because we have no other choice?  I am now awaiting an email from MS because I still have a case open but I will not call them again.  This getting a new person each time is pure **** as well, they never know what you are talking about,  Try explaining what is wrong, no one seems to write notes really about your issues.  JEEZ  
windows 10 is horrendous, need to change account name, can't be done. This is trash

Yes,similar problems. Windows 10 is a joke. It was released before any problems were worked out. I just did an upgrade, which created a new mirrored identity. All my files were gone.  MS said I would have to take it to a  MS repair center. The one they recommended was a 7.5 hour drive. Or I would have to subscribe to their tech repair service. As it turns out they couldn't even recognize the alternative identity.

10 is incompatible with many programs. Many scanner/printer software does not work with it. And the techs at MS are buffoons! I was hung up on twice, routed to the wrong department, etc.

Stay away from MS 10 at all costs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait to you have 200 customers with their PC failing after the pushed windows 10 updates... I had a lawyer that lost a case due to the computer spending an unannounced 3 hours updating, happened 30 min before she was due in court and was just about to printout the brief. And many other problems.

Microsoft has become the most arrogant company on the planet.   Hope a large group of people get together and sue them for the lost time....

Go Apple, looking like a good replacement.

I seriously wonder how many people suffer anxiety attacks, high blood pressure, nervous breakdowns because of the stress caused by windows 10. When I was first force fed Windows 10, I thought I would at least try to make it work. After I managed to kill Cortana and shut off Bing, I thought maybe I could handle it, so I didn't downgrade back to Windows 7 while I still had time.

Stupid mistake. Ever since the upgrade I have not been to function productively at my work.

I can't make my way through the clutter on my screen to find what I'm looking for.

I have been working on computers since before DOS. WE used to assemble them ourselves, configure, control cards, hard disks, all that. But now I am completely at a loss.

I am constantly having to go to their unhelpful help screens to find out how to deal with some minor change in the way the program does things. For instance, I wanted to look through photos without waiting a half hour to display the thumbnails, so after consulting their webpage, I found how to toggle on the preview pane. Then today I wanted to toggle it off. So I searched that, and couldn't find it. On their help page, they ask if the help was actually helpful. However, the only possible response is YES. You cannot say NO, you help is NOT helpful, in fact it sucks.

So after a long struggle to log in, I finally have the privilege adding my voice to the multitudes who have gone before me and say that Windows tend really, really, really, really .... really really sucks!!!!

Strong recommendation.. go back to XP or 7.. Do NOT upgrade until you substantial improvement.

Wow, my problems with it are starting to look petty. But if anyone can tell me how to stop the system assuming what I want to do instead of waiting until I tell it I would be happy. For example I start selecting files because i want to move them somewhere and after I have selected maybe 8 or 9 the system copies all of them right there in the folder they are already in. Who would even want to do that? And just now I moved my mouse pointer in some way that told the computer I want to shut down everything I was doing. 

Windows 10 is a challenge =25+years IT experience.

So sorry folks are still having problems. I finally ripped the program out of my computer, well, a nice tech person did.  I also had them remove any contact with 10 so it won't try and sabotage me.  It took over one of our computers at work and downloaded on its own accord [??]   I hate what MS has become, arrogant and imposing their will on our needs.  Jeez. 

I must say that I had to purchase a new computer that had 10 on it and no issues at all.  I think that really they just want to force folks into buying a new PC, the sales are down on them, so how better to force us to upgrade to a new computer than by making a program which they force on us that doesn't work on what 35% or more older computers??  They have some serious making up to do.  I lost perhaps 40-50 hours of work time just trying to get the stupid thing to work on my  three year old computer before I just gave up, well, actually, windows 10 killed the computer.  They wanted me to drive somewhere over two hours away to fix it.  So, now it has 8.1 back on it, and just sits on the shelf, I have no need for this computer now, it is waiting for my wife's old vista to die.   good luck, d 

I installed Windows 10 on two machines.  One is a five year old desktop Dell and the other, a two year old Toshiba laptop.  Both of these received the message of compatibility with Windows 10 from Microsoft, so I upgraded them. The lesser disaster was with the older desktop, much worse on the newer laptop.  Although I am not particularly "tech" savvy, I am a mid-range capable user of computers.

My main problem with both machines is freezes and slowdowns.  When typing text, most times there is a terrible lag and loss of characters typed which requires going back to re-enter the text.  On both machines there is the constant straining of fans and motors "breathing heavy" as if the machine is about to have a coronary.  Whether doing email or responding on a website blog, this same thing constantly occurs.  At times the opposite happens, everything goes quiet and into a near comatose state.  It's as if all of the drivers and software wiring in Windows 10 is either underdeveloped or poorly developed.  

As I mentioned above, my biggest Windows 10 disaster was with my newer laptop.  After installing the system into the machine, I couldn't get my WiFi to work.  I tried over and over to no avail.  Once plugged into ethernet, no problem.  But a laptop is meant for mobile use without wires so, dopey me, I did a full wipe out and reinstall.  Little did I know that this required me to forgo all of the Toshiba installed items along with some apps I had bought and paid for.  It seemed as though I had no other option and hit "enter" to do the deed.  Now what I have is a half naked laptop with problems and a desktop with the same problems.  Windows 10 is a big fat flop in my view!    

I don't want to even talk about how that free software has destroyed my desktop and laptop. i'm to the point of replacing both but can't afford to. How do I revert back?

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