Q: Plugging in Kindle is crashing windows 10 after summer update

I recently the summer anniversary update for Windows 10 on both my laptop and my desktop which went without any errors. Today I plugged in a Kindle Paperwhite and it immediately crashed my laptop to a blue screen with a QR code regarding the sys_part_mgr or something similar. I figured it might be a driver issue even though my laptop is fairly new so I plugged it into my desktop and got the exact same thing. A blue screen of death. Just for more info's sake it is a Kindle paperwhite being plugged into usb 3.0 ports on a HP laptop and Dell desktop both running the latest windows. How do I report this bug? It's pretty frustrating because I need to transfer some PDF's to the Kindle for my sons school classes.

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“We are aware of an issue with a small number of Kindle Voyager and Paperwhite e-Readers causing an unexpected behavior when plugged into Windows 10 devices after installing the Anniversary Update. We are currently working on an update to address this issue.”

<Update 9/13/16>

After the launch of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft received reports that a blue screen error may occur when connecting one of a small number of specific Amazon Kindle devices:


What failed: partmgr.sys

The Windows Update released on September 13th for Windows 10 addresses this issue.  If you were receiving a blue screen error when connecting a Kindle device, please install the latest Windows Updates.

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My laptop is Thinkpad T440p with Windows 10 Pro AU.

Here is my current solution which works fine:

If I want to plug in my Kindle Voyage, I do it before the OS of my laptop is awake. 

For example:

Plug in Kindle before booting the computer 


Plug in Kindle when the laptop is sleeping

Then the Kindle will work fine with NON-BLUE-SCREEN Win 10 AU after the computer is active.

We may still need to wait for a perfect solution from Microsoft, but the above solution is also an alternative one to avoid the blue screen and forced rebooting problem.

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