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The below represents my Microsoft Support experience over the last 24-36 hours (16 – 17 Jan 18) and now wish to share my observations with the Community.

It revolved around an MS employee recommending having remote access to my PC and invoking the Restore routine. The Restore failed because it appears the Restore procedure validates the Bit Locker key held in the restore point with the Bit Locker key held in my Microsoft Account.  If there is a mismatch of Bit Locker Keys, the Windows reboot routine fails and returns the “Blue screen of death”, confirming the Auto Repair failed to correctly initiate the “start” process.

Please note I had no direct involvement in invoking the Restore Point nor issuing the Bit Locker number.  Both processes are managed by Microsoft. I understand the Bit Locker number was changed by Microsoft circa 12/9/2018, without my being informed.  Practically, I have no reason to be involved in this, as I am not a PC expert and cannot impact the process.

The lack of awareness and acceptance of responsibility by all subsequent Microsoft staff (except one, who has been very helpful) involved in the events of 16/1 – 17/1 2018 is deplorable.  However, a supervisor/manager wanted to charge me £300 or more to assign IT resource to my case to fix the issue, because my machine had just moved out of warranty. This is malpractice on a huge scale and demonstrates a major flaw in the business model prescribed by Microsoft, on a global scale.

It is unacceptable for Microsoft users to have to bear the cost of support actions which inherently stem from lack of rigorous internal Microsoft compliance and compatibility testing and weak internal self-checking procedures.  It is fundamentally immoral and wrong to insist on charging customers to fix problems generated by Microsoft and its staff for events that are outside of the users control and in which the user is not involved.

Given the severity with which I view this malpractice I am sharing this experience with the Microsoft Community to bring pressure to bear on Microsoft to review its User support programme and change the way it does business.

Similarly, I believe the matter should be escalated to Terry Myerson – Microsoft Vice-President, Windows & Devices Group


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I totally agree with you.

NO support.  Many of the "foreign" support techs cannot speak clearly and are difficult to understand.

THIS I can work with; however, they almost all try to take over the computer remotely, then screw it up, and finally hold a hand out asking for money to repair what they screwed up.  This is unacceptable!

I had to reinstall from factory once due to their incompetence (or thievery) and used "restore" once for another problem they caused.  The virtual AI assistant is a JOKE.  It just goes around in circles wasting time.

I'd give it an IQ of about 75.  ie worthless.  Then I'm invited to talk to a "person".  The person is from an

overseas low wage country and those are the guys (some of whom seem angry) who mess up the computer.  Microsoft is complicit in all this and I hope somehow a class action suit can be initiated to force them to repay us for all the time & money lot.  -----yes, they should pay for our time.  Plus be sued for dumping defective product on the public then telling us cavalierly to go "join a Microsoft community or chat group".

Hi Kel

Many thanks for sharing your experience on the community web site.  I am almost certain there are other MS users with similar experiences which should be shared and aired.  That way the class action suit becomes a reality. Unfortunately I do not see this happening overnight and we may have to endure the shortfalls of the MS Support programme for a little while yet!  Such a shame senior management at Microsoft are abdicating upon their brand responsibilities and commitment to deliver a world class support service to their customers.