KB4013429 update causes Slingbox to Fail

Correct.  Cannot use the Desktop player for Slingbox.  Cannot load slingbox for web player at slingbox.com and cannot load the dishanywhere.com Slingbox application when using a sling adaptor.  When the update is uninstalled, everything works just fine.   These software programs were and are being used with both a desktop PC and a laptop pc.

May we please have a quick fix?  Thank you

PS OS = Windows 10 Home; 64 bit


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I did reinstall the update that started all this non-sense and attempted to watch via SlingPlayer for Desktop and also via slingbox.com.  NO GOOD.  I then installed the update KB4015438, rebooted, and ....drum roll......The SlingPlayer for Desktop fired up just fine and so did slingbox.com and the SlingPlayer for Web both with EDGE and CHROME.  https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=KB4015438   (You can use the update feature in Windows 10 if you so desire....)

Back in the saddle again, although it sure would be nice if the children who do the coding for the updates REMEMBER to cover all of their bases.  As an old man IT specialist.....there when the internet was not and soon to be...and also there when "smart phones" came into being (don't own one and won't use 'em....too many inquiring minds....), it is my experience that the children who do the coding do so on a discriminatory basis:  Said discrimination being what THEY think WE should be using be it the operating system, the web browser; whatever.  They have to remember to code for any and all scenarios and despite the fact most of 'em are given in excess of a six figure annual income, they consider themselves to bel omnipotent.  They're not as we clearly saw with this coding error....and that's all it was.....a coding error.

Too, Slingbox really isn't going to be supporting "US" in the not too distant future.  They've other things in mind.  Example:  When I phoned Slingbox tech support they couldn't even find the M1 I had just set up on February 10 and claimed all my gear was out of warranty.  They could not see or find (so they said) the M1 I had added.  Even after providing serial number and MAC address I was then compelled to provide proof of purchase as they really were not thrilled with the idea of providing tech support for the M1.  "It" got a little better after I sent them proof of purchase in addition to the serial number of my M1 and it's MAC address.  Further, the kid on the other end of the phone simply could not understand I do NOT use a cell phone!!!  The kid kept saying he could view my slingbox on his iPhone!!!! (The kid compelled me to provide the email address the M1 is assigned to as well as the password to the account!!!  I gave that data out reluctantly [...have since changed passwords....] and the "tech support" team member could not get it that he was able to view MY slingbox via his phone and what was the problem!!!  Over and Over and Over I tried to calmly explain I viewed my slingbox via a PC (actually....a laptop PC that I in turn port to the hotel room HDMI in on the room's tv....and have 1080p HD streaming forever and a day....99 times out of 100 I am NOT in the USA when I am streaming.....that's the beauty of the slingbox....).  I do not understand viewing video over a dinky "smart phone" (DUMB phone!!!) and never will.  I want my 50"+ HDTV and a/c given I'm an old man who enjoys his creature comforts....); and I want it in actual HD.

Anyway....I'm going to be "burning in" these updates and shall report back any problems I run into.  As for now....all is well.....this old guy has his 1080p streaming on his laptop following the install of the 2nd update.....and all is right....SO FAR.  And...for those who want a direct download link for the "fixing" update here it is:  Microsoft Update Catalog   https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=KB4015438  (You can use the update feature in Windows 10 if you so desire....)

Enjoy and report.  We gotta stick together because Slingbox is gonna forget us.  (I have MANY slingbox pro's and slingbox HD's that I still want to use....slingbox/slingmedia took away my ability to view these "older" devices via the Slingplayer for Desktop, compelling one to use the slingbox.com website...and who knows when they're going to end that party.....).  What is the most incredible is the gross amount of support provided to people who have these "smart phones" (DUMB phones!!!) and the reality the bulk of the support staff....even "Tier II" simply can't understand using a laptop and porting via cable to a big, fat hotel room tv.  I don't even know how to mirror cast and I'm not about to learn!!!  Enjoy.....

PS:  It's always good to be sure:  I cold boot after I've experienced problems.  Call it over kill.....but the cold boot doesn't take all that much longer vs. a mere re-start.  Up to you.....

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