Is Windows 10 the worst Oparating System Ever

Before I moved on to Windows 10 I noticed they we are no longer told what any of the frequent updates for windows 7 were. One of the later updates was causing my computer not to shut down. In the end I got sick of pressing the shutdown button and then coming home many hours later to find my computer still burning electric.

Foolishly I thought the free Windows 10 update I was being offered would solve my shut down problem.

It fixed the shutdown problem but now I have an OS that is slower than XP. Even with 16 GB of RAM and 4GB DDR5 graphics card XP and Win 7 were faster than Win 10. The title bars look awful and too bright. Everything is too bright in Windows 10 and it is slow. The Apps just suck as they just clutter what was once a decent start menu. So many junk so called Apps might make Windows look colourful but in all honesty they are just junk apps for wasting time.

When I 1st installed Win 10 there was an App called Cortana. It worked for a while until Microsoft with it's now invisible updated stopped it working. Even though I am in a country that Cortana is supposed to work in the app does not work. Even after installing the language pack for the UK it does not work. 

Cortana process does not show up in my task manager.

By the time it does work I will have lost interest in Cortana and probably Windows 10. I have no problem with using the voice search with my Android phone.

I have to say in all honesty for the time we are living in Windows 10 is by far the worst OS Microsoft has come up with. They were so many things that it could have improved on. Instead they have made Windows look cheap with the bland and blank settings panels.

The Indexing system now means you can not find anything unless you let the indexing run forever. Windows Xp did not have this problem with indexing and yet we are told Windows 10 is the superior OS. If I want the colour back in my title bar I also get a horrible bright background on my desktop.

I think people should be honest and speak up about just what a load of junk Windows 10 is. Stop pretending the new features are great because they are not. Be honest and fix it so people can go back to XP or Windows 7.

Many have paid fortunes for more RAM and expensive graphic cards only to get the slowest OS ever.

Task Manager does not work so well in Windows 10. I now try to have it open all the time because ones Windows decides to lock down an application the Task Manager hides itself so that you can never recover from a frozen screen.


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Go back to XP. You're joking, right? no matter how one feels about Windows 10, going back to a stone age OS is not the solution. Btw, did you update your video driver after installing the free upgrade?

You do not get my point. 1st off all Microsoft tricks and forced the upgrade on millions of people who had Windows 7 to get the FREE HOME EDITION of Windows 10.

The Home Edition give you no control over updates. So if you are a semi professional your chances of becoming a professional become zero.

You have Microsoft stealing your bandwidth and using your updates to update other computers. Microsoft is now using people's computers that have the free version of Windows 10 to share your update files. The free upgrade version also has a background process called  RuntimeBroker.exe.

When Microsoft chooses RuntimeBroker.exe to run on your computer it can take up to 94% of your computer processing resources. The process seems to come on randomly and stops whatever applications I am running from running properly.

So my solution it appears would be to buy Windows 10 professional.

The free version is ok if you are the kind of person that will pay £50.00 for some rip off shop to defrag your computer every time is slows down

idiots always updating .... So just install windows 7 is your solution 

Are you trolling for personal insults? We are talking about technology not swapping insults.

If you think only idiots upgrade then why did you move from XP to Windows 7?

Initially I was going to say that Vista and ME were worse... but it only took me a second to realise that I could at least make Vista and ME run without crashing every few minutes on my laptop. I can't do that with 10 since RTM (clean install straight out of the box crashes). So I have to agree, as far as Microsoft OSs go with my own personal experience, yes 10 is the worst OS they have released.

I wish it wasn't. We have given them suggestions and reported problems and still it remains like this.

Vista was prettier too.

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Just down loaded Windows 10 last night.  It sucks worse then I could have ever imagined.  My computer freezes more.  Typing in web sites I want to go to doesn't take me to them, but gives me so much garbage.  I made a serious mistake doing the free download.  I listened to the hype and was taken in my it.  Now I feel Microsoft is taking over everything I have on line and I don't like it.

thankfully they are many sites and videos that will help you to get you OS behaving. One of the things that helped me tame Windows 10 was to go in to the settings panel and turn off a lot of the background file re-sharing. When you 1st  finish installing Win 10 it trys to update as much as it can without letting you know. So you could be installing an
App that needs you to reboot your system: Then you find as you are rebooting Windows is also installing more **** onto your PC.

This new silent background installing is the most annoying.

You also might find you have "TimeBroker.exe" running in your Task Manager. Please Google the instructions for disabling this feature. The TimeBroker is the app that slows down you PC because it uses your PC to share any updates you have thus far.

10 froze my computer. After phone with MS tech only solution was W7 factory reset. They even agree. 10 updates conflict with HP and nVidia. Well micosoft chooses not to support that hardware. Lots of lost data and time. Is that 'free?'

idiots always updating .... So just install windows 7 is your solution 

See Chris McMillin. That's really me. Would like personal apology from MS.

DON'T UPDATE TO WINDOWS 10. That is shouting

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