how to downgrade from 1709 to 1703 without go read 1'000 000 web tutorial pages ?!

why? why? why? windows 10 is soo freaking complicate ?

why we can't have all the windows 10 builds ISO files in one microsoft web page

like you can see in the linux distros websites ????????!!!

so if something bad happen LIKE 1709 build did

we can just get our previous windows 10 iso files 

why microsoft insist with the mandatory windows update

when the 1709 build disaster had show is a totally a bad idea??!

it's microsoft trying to totally kill windows 10? well is working..!!!!!!

and what the **** windows insiders are doing?

they suppose to be the ones to test the crap before is been release to the general public

in order to avoid a Worldwide disaster like the 1709 is basically doing right now!!!!!!!!

so where is the **** logic to have those windows insiders morons around?!!! just for the title near their **** names?!!

PLEASE can someone give me ONE SINGLE link where I can **** download the damn windows 10 1703 build ISO files?

it's this the best the microsoft software engineers can do?

please for the sake of mankind just fire yourself

and reignite your career with something easy to do

well after spend hours

I finally find one website where I could download the damn 1703 ISO files Windows ISO

apparently that is the only web where the ISO is genuine

and I also check for virus or malware the ISO I download and I couldn't detected any malicious files

now I have to figure it out to how stop the mandatory windows update

before even try to fresh install windows 10 again

and I just can't believe that I'm tolerating all this crap from microsoft

this is totally ****....!!!!


well maybe rollback to windows 7 is the best option right now...!!!!


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