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Creators update: Device Performance and Health issue on UPS-connected desktop


I've upgraded to Creators update this week. One bugging issue:

Desktop computer connected to UPS (APC, HID battery, native Win driver). Device Performance and Health complains about battery life being affected by screen brightness being set to maximum. Obviously I cannot change it (HTPC with Nvidia ION, connected to HDMI TV) - in settings there's no such setting available:

Is there a way to turn this warning off?


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EdwardRandall replied on


Edit Registry: \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Security Health\Health Advisor\Battery

Set value to 0.


This will probably disable the entire health check, but it gets rid of the annoying "!"

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EdwardRandall replied on

I put it right here.


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robd99 replied on
Same here, but in my case I can change the brightness but I choose not to for my work! Not everyone wants to save battery at the expense of performance or usability. I want to disable this message.
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