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I keep getting a BSOD with my Fujitsu Lifebook with the above issue. It's gotten so bad I can't run my computer for more than 10 minutes without it going to the BSOD with the same error (listed above). I'm unsure of how to get this to stop happening, and just want to be able to use my computer without losing my work every 10 minutes. Can someone help me?
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hi folks!

the xXHarryHackXx-way was - by random - my way on yesterday too - and it worked fine. the problem still is, to find a really working driver for Win10. i took the 6.0.1223.1 (6.0.1224.4 comes with w10) from fusi, but at the moment don't know, if my cam works. if you will find out, please tell me! i will not use the cam, so my way worked fine for me.

this is my short&dirty way:

1) install win10 with NO network

2) install fusi driver for sonix fj cam (i hate that cam, in german instead of sonix phonetically we say "so nicht!" (definitely not this way))


3) win10 build 1607 will accept your driver choice (and should not update the driver), but after lot of install-**** i decided to have more security and...

4) install wushowhide.diagcab from ms (download-link at the bottom of the page):


5) start wushowhide and if the green line appears plug in your network. wushowhide will show all the drivers, so you could mark sonix fj cam. end wushowhide.

that's all! your fine! the rest of the driver **** will go automatically through the next restarts - i still have no crashes 'till now.

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isfak replied on


I have the same problem with my Fujitsu Lifebook AH 531, only in this case Windows won't start at all. I got the BSOD right after boot and that's all folks. I was able to go back to a previous restore point and boot but I got the same problem a couple of days later when Windows downloaded and installed some updates.

I know that windows updates installation was definitely the problem since in both cases I got the BSOD right after rebooting from their installation (I didn't install or change anything else between).

I then tried to recover using a recovery usb stick and a dvd i had created; also tried to go back to the previous build but all failed. I then tried reinstalling the windows (keeping my files) but I got the same error right after the installation. 

Please find below the link to the memory dump files (i got both in minidump folder and in windows dir):

I am not able to run msinfo since my laptop doesn't boot at all, but here is the basic system specs:

Windows 10 64bit EN (upgraded from Windows 7 home premium) on Fujitsu Lifebook AH531 / i3 / 4 GB RAM

Thanks in advance

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