Q: After Windows 10 1607 - ICC Profiles Load But Not Applied

Windows 10 x64

Display Driver: Intel HD Graphics 4600 (Version - Latest available for this OEM Computer)

Before the 1607 update, ICC color management profiles for my wide gamut monitor would load and function properly.

After the 1607 update, the profiles can be loaded and associated, but there is no effect at all on screen colors.

[Note: Please don't suggest basic things like third-party apps, BIOS settings, etc. The machine is clean and I am doing everything by the book. Profiles in ICC v2 and V4 have been loaded with no effect.]

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I figured it out! 

Head over to color management -> Advanced tab -> Change System Defaults -> Advanced -> Check 'use windows display calibration'

Hope that does the trick. Good luck.

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Hi Max,

To help you with the issue regarding color manager, you can utilize the Color calibration option. Just follow these steps to access this function:

1. Press the Windows key.

2. Type Control Panel and click it.

3. Click Display.

4. Click Change Display settings.

5. A new window opens, click Advanced display setting.

6. Under Color settings, choose Color calibration

If you just had this issue and it was working before, you may resort to restoring your PC to previous state. Provided that you had set up restore points.


It is always a good habit to back up your files to avoid the inconvenience of loosing important data.

Let us know the result of your troubleshooting procedure for us to assist you further.


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