Q: 100% disk usage only when typing

I've seen multiple 100% disk usage posts out there, but my situation seems unique. When I do not use my keyboard, everything is fine.  The moment I try and type, my disk usage spikes to 100%, and the speed at which words appear on the screen as I type becomes very slow. I am on a brand new HP Envy laptop with an SSD, which is odd to me since an SSD should be much faster. This is very annoying since it takes me quite a long time to get any work done, since I have to wait for the computer to slowly catch up.

Here are my specs: I have an HP Envy running Windows 10.

Processor: Intel (R) Core(TM) i7-7500U CPU @ 2.70GHz.

RAM: 8.00 GB 

64-bit Operating system with an SSD

Graphics: Intel(R) HD Graphics 620

If anyone could help me I'd be very grateful. Thank you!

Try the troubleshooter here (mostly applicable even though mentions Windows 7)

Do you have the latest version of Windows 10? Type winver in search - looking for 1607 (Build 14393.321); it is worth the pain of getting the latest version.

And the silly question - have you tried an external keyboard? (assuming you can lay your hands on one).

Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

Thanks for the quick response!

The night after I posted that, I shut down my computer and it did a routine update. When I started the computer again the next morning, the problem was significantly less noticeable. However, it is still there, and task manager still shows 100% disk usage if I type for prolonged periods of time. 

I used the troubleshooter you linked, and it told me that it had fixed several problems, but there was no immediately noticeable difference. If anything, it seemed to have gotten slower, since after that routine update the typing speed had returned almost to normal and the lag was not nearly as noticeable. 

I do have the latest Windows version, but I don't have an external keyboard, so I couldn't try that. However, the fact that the problem seems to come and go would seem to indicate that it's not a keyboard problem?  

EDIT: I just tried typing using the touch keyboard, since my laptop has touch screen capabilities. Task Manager still shows very high disk usage, and there is still a noticeable lag, mostly present when I type a series of words quickly, and then stop typing. The words on the screen takes a while to appear, so it looks like I'm still typing due to the lag.

EDIT #2: I think I found the cause of the problem. There is an application called MicTray64 that occassionally had really high levels of disk usage. Once I ended that task in task manager, there is no lag at all. Do you by any chance know what that application does, and whether or not I can simply remove it? Thanks for the help once again!

Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

CALEB51 - shutting down mictray64 seemed to work for me right now as well.  Thanks for the mix.  I have a call with the HP support team tomorrow, hopefully they will put out a fix

Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

It was revealed today that MicTray64 is a malicious keylogger created and shipped by HP.

You should change the passwords of any accounts you've logged into on that laptop

Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

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