Windows store not working while running on a vpn & ticking client for microsoft networks did not work.

Hello all. The original topic was locked, so this is the only way I can provide this fix.

I found that windows 10 metro apps/services such as, the windows store, outlook, windows update etc. do not seem to think that there is an internet connection when using the PIA (Privet internet access) VPN. The fix in the forums for this VPN problem was to tick the "Client for Microsoft networks" box in my VPN's TAP device properties, but unfortunately, this did not work for me. However, I have managed to fix the problem, and this is what I did that worked for my situation.

Go to: Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections

Right-click the TAP network device for your VPN.
Go to properties.
Click Configure.
click the Advanced tab

Select "Media Status"
Change Value to "Always connected"
Click ok.

Right-click the TAP network device for your VPN again.
Go to properties.
Click "internet services version 4 (TCP/IPv4)"
Click Properties.
Click Advanced.
Tick the "Automatic Metric" boxClick ok.

Click ok.
Click Close.

Your Windows 10 / Microsoft Metro app services should now have an internet connection.

Hope this is of help to others.


This helped, and appears to correct the problem - yes.

I found I had to go thru the device manager, selecting the network access devices and then the TAP portion for the VPN appeared. With the media services change done, (and the Auto metric was already clicked), I can access the store OK, thank you Ad-man-gamer.

No thanks to the MS support staff however - I was quite unimpressed that in the original 2017 topic we were directed to work the problem with all the VPN providers, and then the topic was closed with an incorrect answer and locked from further commenting.  That lack of active support is what drives customers away from using products...


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