Windows 10 Time ALWAYS wrong

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My date is always correct, but my time is always wrong.  Example:  Right now it is 8:50 am, but my clock in Windows says 1:50 pm. Here is the situation:

My system is dual bootable, Ubuntu or Windows 10.  Ubuntu shows the correct time.  I think this rules out a bad cmos battery.

Windows 10 always shows the wrong time.  Location settings are correct, time zone settings are correct.

When I select to keep time manually, (turning off the autosync) It is fine.  When I reboot, it is wrong again.  When I select to automatically have windows set my time, it is fine.  When I reboot, it is wrong again.

I've gotten to where I keep a clock next to my computer, and fix the time each time I boot into windows..... but there has to be an actual solution.
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