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I upgraded my Win7 Pro 64 bit machine to Windows 10 Pro. I have two SSD's in my machine. After succesfull installation of Win 10, a few reboots, I finally was ready to check out the new OS. But, any app I tried to load said (not responding). Then some checking, and the problem is that disk 0 (C-Drive) was at 100 %, and stayed at 100 %! I tried to disable prefetch, superfetch, search index, disabled onedrive, but none of that changed the problem. After several hours, I gave up, and went back to my Win7 installation. What is going on in Win 10 and disk at 100 %?
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Not sure of the issue, but I am also effected and it seems everyone else is, or at least a lot of people...

hopefully Microsoft will address this issue pretty fast, tempted to go back to 8.1 if its not fixed asap. very frustrating issue. 

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