Opening a non-browser application link results in an error and the link doesn't open. Any ideas?

The error message is: The ordinal 581 could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\ProgramData\App-V\9BD02EED-6C11-4FF0-8A3E-0B4733EE86A1\6A0357B5-AB99-4856-8A59-CF2C38579E78\Root\VFS\System\ieframe.dll

After upgrading from Windows 7 to  Windows 10 I noticed any attempt from an application to open any protocol (http:, mailto:, steam: are ones I tested) fails with the above error (32-bit apps have a 32-bit path in SystemX86). The application is then returned an error code as the operation failed. I had no issues with protocols on Windows 7.

There are some exceptions that DO work:

- Elevated applications can always open links.

- A handful of unelevated applications seem to work. The metro Contact Support app (but not all metro apps, GameHub doesn't, if that is one). I can enter in steam: urls in Chrome and they open Steam properly.

But most don't, which is annoying. I can easily reproduce in Command Prompt and the Run dialog (Run dialog doesn't display the real error, though).

I noticed the ieframe.dll referenced is a different version than the one in system32, but I can't try replacing it to see if that resolves the issue, as VFS apparently cannot be changed by anyone even with appropriate permission set.

I am running Windows 7 SP1 Pro x64 upgraded to Windows 10 RTM x64 (build 10240).

I tried using the Microsoft chat support offered in the Contact Support app. I wasn't sure they would be able to help me and unfortunately I was correct. The support person had me change my default browser and try to reinstall a steam game but the error persisted as I expected based on how I expected it to. The one thing unexpected that came out of it is we figured out Chrome was able to launch steam: links (which I had thought it would not be able to). Oh, and apparently Steam's shortcuts it creates under Windows 10 don't work, but that's a Steam bug I think and unrelated to my problem as I wasn't trying to use a Steam desktop shortcut in the first place.

Anyone else seen this problem or something like it? Any ideas I could try? I've hit a dead end here. :(

[Edit: Also right clicking on the desktop and clicking Personalize doesn't work since that launches by url!]

[Edit: The DLL in the VFS seems to be the ieframe.dll from Windows 8.1, judging by its version number. I don't think it would have been there before my upgrade. So I think the problem is that for some reason Windows is selecting that DLL when it shouldn't be doing so.]


The IE developer channel appears to be an App-V package. 

the following will allow you to remove this but at your own risk!

- run powershell as an administrator

To show the package

Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

Import-Module AppvClient

Get-AppvClientPackage -name "Internet Explorer Developer Channel" 

To remove the package

Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

Import-Module AppvClient
Get-AppvClientPackage -name "Internet Explorer Developer Channel" | Remove-AppvClientPackage

edit: update order of Set-ExecutionPolicy to be before Import-Module

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